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Congratulations to the Acumatica Cloud ERP 2024 Award Winners

Winners of the 2024 Acumatica Cloud ERP Awards were announced during Acumatica Summit 2024, and today, Acumatica’s Sean Chatterjee reveals who won and why.
Sean Chatterjee | February 8, 2024

Congratulations to the Acumatica Cloud ERP 2024 Award Winners


Summit 2024 was a great opportunity for the more than 3,000 people in Las Vegas to learn about the latest in cloud ERP technology. But it was much more than that.  Summit was also a celebration of Community and accomplishments. We know that our Community is what drives Acumatica’s success. We rely on our faithful customers to offer real-life product feedback, which we then use to develop our product roadmap. We rely on our global network of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to not only sell and implement our cloud ERP software but to also provide our customers with superlative support throughout their digital transformations. And we rely on our Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to continually enhance our award-winning product with innovative third-party applications, which can be found in our Acumatica Marketplace.

Together, we provide a comprehensive, intuitive, and affordable business management solution that helps small and midsized businesses overcome real-world challenges while they build a successful future on their own terms. It’s what we do and who we are, and every member of the Community is integral to our success. But there are a few Acumatica partners that have taken their commitment to Acumatica and our Community to the next level.

They are the partners who are tireless in their efforts to grow their businesses—and those of our customers. As such, their stand-out performance deserves our thanks and recognition, and we do this by acknowledging their efforts through our Acumatica Cloud ERP Awards.

The finalists for our annual awards were announced prior to Summit, and during the Summit’s Partner General Session, I had the honor of declaring the following VAR and ISV—as well as our valued developers and customers—our 2024 Acumatica Cloud ERP Award winners.

Partner of the Year

The Partner of the Year is a global recognition of the partner that has the highest combination of new customer additions, customer satisfaction scores, customer renewals, growth and revenue contribution to Acumatica. The winner is: SWK Technologies, Inc.




International Partner of the Year

The International Partner of the Year is a recognition of the international partner outside of North America that has the highest combination of new customer additions, customer satisfaction scores, customer renewals, growth and revenue contribution to Acumatica. The winner is: Evertec Group, LLC



ISV Partner of the Year

The Acumatica ISV Partner of the Year Award recognizes the ISV who generated the Acumatica Marketplace’s highest deal expansion revenue ratio in 2023. The winner is: eWorkplace Apps


Acumatica Innovation Award

The Acumatica Innovation Award recognizes the ISV that has demonstrated the highest degree of innovation and built on the Acumatica Platform. The winner is: Hotel Investor Apps

hotel investor apps


VAR and ISV Excellence Awards

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year Partner Excellence Award recognizes the partner with highest customer acquisition in their first eighteen months of partnership. The winner is: The Rollout Crew



The Excellence Award for Growth recognizes the partner with the largest percentage or number of year-over-year growth. The winner is: CliftonLarsonAllen LLP


True North Partner

The True North Partner Award is awarded to a small to medium sized partner whose sales and customer service demonstrate excellence against key Acumatica KPIs, including, but not limited to CSAT, high close rate, strong ASP, superior customer retention and growth. The winner is: ASWi


Cloud Adoption Ace:

The Cloud Adoption Ace award is given to the reselling partner who has demonstrated commitment to transitioning customers from their legacy base over to Acumatica. The winner is: Innovative Cloud Solutions, LLC


Customer Success

This award recognizes the partner who demonstrates dedication and commitment to outstanding customer success year over year through high CSAT scores, customer retention and expansion of their accounts. The winner is: PC Bennett Solutions LLC



The Acumatica Top-Notch Award recognizes the ISV who contributed the most deals across all editions in 2023. The winner is: Velixo



Industry-Specific Excellence Awards

The Partner Excellence Awards recognize the VAR partners who sold the most industry Editions in 2023 and the ISV partners who contributed to the largest number of industry deals. The winners are:

Manufacturing VAR Partner: WM Synergy LLC

Manufacturing ISV Partner: eWorkplace Apps, LLC


Construction VAR Partner:NexTec Group

Construction ISV Partner: Workforce Go!


Retail VAR Partner: Kensium Solutions LLC

Retail ISV Partner: Shopify Inc.


Distribution VAR Partner: AIM Solutions, Inc.

Distribution ISV Partner: SPS Commerce, Inc.


Presidents Club

The Acumatica Presidents Club is a prestigious award that is given to the most successful Acumatica Gold Certified VAR partners and the most elite ISV and OEM partners.

The 2024 winners are: AIM Solutions, Inc., Aktion Associates, Algorithm, ASWi, Blytheco, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, Crestwood Associates LLC, Evertec Group, LLC, eWorkplace Apps, Kensium Solutions LLC, Net at Work, NexTec Group, SPS Commerce, Strategies Group, SWK Technologies, Inc., Velixo, WM Synergy LLC


Customer Awards

Customer of the Year

The Customer of the Year Award recognizes an organization that is fully using the Acumatica solution to create significant business value, contributes positively to the Community and pushes Acumatica to make the whole Community better.

The winner is: Portacool, LLC


Impact Customer of the Year

Acumatica is proud of the many organizations that use our product to do amazing work in our communities. Each year we recognize and award one organization. The Impact Customer of the Year is based on how they are using Acumatica to make a real difference.

The winner is: POLYWOOD


Acumatica Community: In This Together

We continue to face continued high inflation, ongoing supply chain challenges, and growing global unrest, but Acumatica’s commitment to helping the Acumatica Community thrive is stronger than ever. Our cloud ERP solution is designed to help our customers manage risk, anticipate disruption, and seize new opportunities, and our partners are on hand to provide the expertise and support throughout their ERP implementation journey.

We can’t thank all of our partners enough for all they do on behalf of the Acumatica Community and congratulate our partners who are our 2024 Acumatica Cloud ERP Award winners. Together, we’ll forge a path to success.

For anyone who would like to learn more about becoming an Acumatica VAR or our no-compete partnership through our award-winning Acumatica Partner Program (which offers excellent training, ongoing support, and the industry’s most generous margins and terms), or for anyone who may have questions about Acumatica’s cloud ERP software, please contact our team today.

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