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Does Your Cloud ERP License Inhibit Growth?

Jon Roskill | May 12, 2020

Weighed down by a restrictive cloud ERP license? It may be time to switch to Acumatica and our modern, flexible cloud ERP licensing/pricing—the third and fourth rights in the Acumatica Customer Bill of Rights. 

If you’re a small or midsize business (SMB) that implemented a cloud ERP solution to help you grow, you’re on the right track. The streamlining and automating of your business management processes, including financial, sales, customer management, business intelligence, and reporting, will give you the insights you need to make growth-enhancing business decisions.

Unfortunately, you may be unknowingly derailing your efforts if your vendor’s cloud ERP pricing and licensing structure is traditional, confusing, inflexible, or all of these combined.

Your cloud ERP license may be inhibiting your growth

Cloud ERP software allows businesses to access their business applications anytime from anywhere. There are no upfront costs for hardware and data servers. There’s little or no need for IT support services because updates and upgrades are in the hands of the cloud vendor–all cost-saving, business-growing benefits for SMBs, but there’s a catch. If you choose a cloud ERP vendor with traditional cloud ERP pricing, you may be nullifying these benefits and stunting your business growth. To show you how, let’s compare Acumatica’s modern consumption-based pricing structure with a traditional pricing structure through the eyes of actual Acumatica users.

OFS International (OFSi), a company that provides inspection services, couplings manufacturing, threading, storage, accessories, field services, and rig returns in the Oil and Gas industry, closely evaluated 11 ERP systems. They disqualified all but Acumatica, a decision they say saved them $175,000 in user-fee costs and helped support their rapid growth. Yuri Dorovskikh, IT Manager, explains, “Acumatica was the most affordable solution with great value. It out came out as a winner because of the unlimited user licensing and easy customization.”

Shivani Raval, Director of Operations for Fidelux Lighting, a company that designs and distributes top-tier LED lighting solutions, says they chose Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution for several reasons, two being cost and the ability to grow. “Licensing with Acumatica is all about the resources and usage rather than how many users you have. As we move into new markets, Acumatica gives us the confidence that we can handle the increase in transactions and growth with ease for many years.”

And Dan Wilkins, President of Bell and Company, a family-run industrial and marine supply distributor, was looking for an affordable ERP solution to help grow his business and chose Acumatica. “Competitors wanted us to pay per user, which wasn’t affordable.”

Affordable growth with Acumatica cloud ERP

As you’ve just read, businesses from different industries and with varying business management needs have chosen our affordable, consumption-based pricing over our competitors’ restrictive licensing. Acumatica customers confidently add users at any time, knowing that we don’t require additional expensive licenses for additional users, whether they’re casual users, suppliers, or customers.

Our modern cloud ERP pricing and licensing is based on:

  • What applications you want to use now (all applications are integrated and can be added at any time)
  • The type of license you choose (SaaS Subscription or Private Cloud Subscription) with the ability to switch without penalty
  • Your projected level of consumption (which is based on the volume of your business transactions and storage)

Because your level of consumption increases and decreases over time, you can increase or decrease your resource levels and data storage when you need. Additionally, because you don’t have to worry about paying for a per-user license, every employee can access your cloud ERP solution at the same time, which means accessing real-time data for insights based on a “single version of the truth.”

Charging for the resources used rather than per user powerfully impacts a business’s ability to grow.

Your right to life, liberty, and growth

Your business—and every business in every industry—must grow if you are to be a successful, connected business. This growth is possible with consumption-based cloud ERP pricing, which is a right we’ve included in our Acumatica Customer Bill of Rights. We’ve also included the right to sustainable pricing, promising to limit annual increases of no more than 3% when needed (unlike our competitors who often offer low introductory rates and slam you with a 20-to-50% increase after year two or three of the renewal agreement.) We’re committed to protecting your company from shady business practices.

If your current cloud ERP license is hindering your growth, then look no further than Acumatica. We can help you grow affordably. Contact our experts today to get started.

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