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How You Can Spot Fake (and True) Cloud Construction Accounting Software [Whitepaper]

Ray Rebello | August 23, 2018

Construction firms looking for accounting software must be cautious of fake cloud options. They’re out there, and they can cost you in the long run. Our new whitepaper can help you figure out not only which solution has true cloud capabilities, but which solution is the right one for your business.

 The construction accounting solutions on the market today are not created equal. Because of this, it’s important that you distinguish between true cloud construction accounting software options vs. those that are, shall we say, pretending. With our new whitepaper, True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud: How Construction Companies Can Tell the Difference, you can confidently select true cloud construction company software that is right for your business. And just like we did with our most recent whitepaper on the power of KPIs for the construction industry, we’ve made this one complimentary for you to download right now.

How You Can Spot Fake (and True) Cloud Construction Accounting Software

True vs. fake cloud construction accounting software

Fake cloud construction accounting software has been jerry-rigged to try and keep up with the solutions that were built for the cloud. As we note in the whitepaper, “Fake cloud software occurs when legacy applications are adapted and hosted on the internet, but never truly designed to be delivered and used via the cloud.”

Our new construction whitepaper shows you how to differentiate between true and fake options. You’ll learn:

  • Why you need more than a mobile device for real-time information
  • Four ways the cloud can enhance productivity
  • Eight things a true cloud ERP should offer

Let’s take a quick look at three of the things true cloud accounting software should offer:

Mobility: Access the information you need to do “real work” anyplace, any time on any device without using special apps on that device. This means having the same business processes available for you to do your job.

Personalization: Many solutions allow simple manipulations of the screens and reports.   One thing you should find is the capability to do that but also customize what is in your dashboards, reports, and workspaces for your specific needs.

Integration: And third, a true cloud option will have full integration capabilities with specialty construction software such as ProEst, Procore, etc.

With Acumatica Construction Edition, you can be assured that you have these capabilities and more. Our construction company software is built on a modern cloud ERP platform. It’s a customizable construction accounting solution that provides you and your team with a complete management suite.

Acumatica Construction edition provides real-time visibility with accounting, job costing, sales order management, purchasing, and document management. It can be extended across other areas of your business with CRM, Distribution Management, Manufacturing Management, and Field Services from Acumatica .

“Once we made the decision to go cloud, other software couldn’t compare to Acumatica’s Construction Edition,” said Bruce Young, Curran Young President & Co-Founder. “Being cloud-based takes away the necessity of having servers, infrastructure and their associated operating costs. It was a logical choice, and with Acumatica we can communicate and integrate with other tools easily which is a big plus as we use tools like Procore, Excel, ProEst, and Building Connected.”

True cloud construction accounting software handles complex needs

Whether you’re looking for general contractor software , subcontractor software, homebuilder accounting software or land development accounting software, your business involves successfully coordinating multiple projects and schedules. And you need to make wise accounting decisions whether you’re in the office or out in the field. The cloud construction accounting software you choose must be able to handle complex business processes.

As we point out in the whitepaper, “The cloud delivery model does lend itself well to meeting the needs of a dispersed construction team. But before you try to solve your team’s biggest productivity challenges in the cloud, you should know what distinguishes one cloud solution from another and which features and capabilities are most important.”

Make sure you choose true (not fake) contractor software. Our free free whitepaper, True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud: How Construction Companies Can Tell the Difference, which you can download right now, will give you the information you need to make the right choice. You can also contact us directly so we can answer any questions you may have about construction accounting software and on our end-to-end cloud construction ERP solution.

Download Our New Construction Whitepaper

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