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ICYMI: Recent Releases of Acuminator

Mark Franks | October 30, 2020

Editor’s note:  In case you missed this summer & fall’s releases of Acuminator, we’re providing a short abstract of what you may have missed in this post.  Next week you can expect an in-depth article from Sergey Nikomarov who is responsible for much of the code behind our very popular Visual Studio Extension.

There have been significant enhancement to Acuminator over the past few months that are worth sharing with our developer audience in terms of improvements in code diagnostic & Code Map capabilities.

Acuminator 2.3

Diagnostic enhancements:

  • The PX1036 diagnostic has been added to verify the correct naming of key field declarations in the PK API.
  • The PX1035 diagnostic has been added to check for and warn the developer of multiple primary key declarations.
  • The PX1033 and PX1034 diagnostics have been added to suggest adding a PK or FK definition to a DAC.
  • The PX1016 diagnostic has been added to check whether a graph or DAC extension has the IsActive method implemented.

Code Map enhancements:

  • The Code Map now indicates whether each graph is for mass processing operations and whether each graph node corresponds to a graph or a graph extension.
  • The Code Map now indicates whether each DAC field is auto-incremented (has the AutoNumberAttribute attribute).
  • The Code Map performance was greatly optimized. The time for the construction of the Code Map decreased from 3-5 minutes to 1-2 seconds on code files with ~12 000 lines of code
  • The Code Map now displays complementary information about graph views. A developer can see indicators for the following:
    • Views for mass processing operations
    • Setup views
    • Filter views
    • Custom views derived from the base PXSelect types
    • Views derived from PXSelectReadOnly types

Acuminator 2.3.1

Diagnostic enhancements:

  • The PX1037 diagnostic has been added to verify that a primary, unique, or foreign key declaration does not include an unbound DAC field.
  • The PX1036 diagnostic has been updated to check the correct naming of foreign key declarations.
  • The PX1035 diagnostic has been updated to support unique keys and check foreign key declarations.

For more detail on these to releases and to see a list of respective bug fixes, see the release notes.

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