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VLOG: Acumatica Team Development using Git, Visual Studio & Azure DevOps – Part 2

Joseph Caruana | September 9, 2021

In this second video, we will go through the process of how you can use pull requests in your Acumatica projects.  Pull requests are an important procedure to improve your code quality and also simplify the process of sharing feedback from code reviewers. Using Azure DevOps and Git, it is easy to add pull requests to your Acumatica projects.

One particularly useful aspect of pull requests is related to the onboarding of new Acumatica developers. Developers new to Acumatica projects may not be accustomed to the Acumatica Design Guidelines and best practices. By introducing pull requests, you can make sure that their code is reviewed before it is merged with the main branch. This is even more important if you are developing a solution that is to be ISV-certified.

I also strongly encourage everyone to make use of pull requests throughout the development process and not just for onboarding new developers. When introducing pull requests, you will immediately see an improvement in team collaboration and the quality of your solutions.

Happy Coding!


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