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VLOG: Exploring the New Workflow Editor in Acumatica 2020R1

Keith Richardson | May 12, 2020

Editor’s Note: We plan on having a number of video blogs published by our Acumatica Community of Developer MVPs in the coming months.  The idea is to have relatively short videos of our MVPs sharing developer insights, commentary, and exploration of discreet developer technology topics.  In our first Acumatica Developer Vlog, Keith explores the new workflow editor we delivered in Acumatica 2020R1 recently.


Here, in this video embedded below, I am exploring the new workflow editor in Acumatica 2020 R1. My goal is to use the workflow editor to change the states of actions. Previously, this was done using a combination of workflow automations, or actions that update statuses and row selected events that enable and disable fields. We can do this all with the new customizations in the workflow editor.

I updated my project to remove all manual status transitions and button states. You will see that I work through the creation of the workflow per our specific business rules to transition the document from one status to the next. I modify the statuses of actions, as well as place actions on the main toolbar to assist users with what they should do next. I also have created multiple actions to transition statuses without having to write any code, as well as changing other fields after the transition is complete.

Overall, I enjoy using the workflow editor. It makes sense and allows faster creation of additional actions. You also do not need to recompile your code to update visibility/enable status of fields, which saves me a lot of idle development time.


Vlog: Exploring the New Workflow Editor in Acumatica 2020R1


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