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Women in Tech Luncheon: Expanding Your Impact—Showcasing Mindset, Tenacity, and Action

Old and new traditions align at Acumatica Summit 2024 as the Women in Technology Luncheon and Networking Reception return to help women in tech expand their impact.
Irina Barber | December 7, 2023

Women in Tech Luncheon: Expanding Your Impact—Showcasing Mindset, Tenacity, and Action


Acumatica’s seventh annual Women in Technology Luncheon will take place at Summit 2024. A now established and highly anticipated tradition, this event is always an exciting opportunity for women to network, connect, mentor one another, and exchange ideas and innovations for the future of technology. It will feature a panel of tech industry career experts, Acumatica executives, and members of the partner and customer Community. Panelists include Aliya Rakimgulova, VP, Product Support at Acumatica; Liz Anderson, VP, Global Marketing at Solver; and Audrey Idom, Managing Partner at AIM Solutions, Inc.

And as we build on one tradition, we are also establishing another: our second annual Women in Technology Networking Reception, which will give participants even more time and space to learn, build relationships, and grow their careers.

These empowering Summit events reflect Acumatica’s commitment to making the world a better, more inclusive place and to supporting one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”

But this commitment extends outside Summit.

Living the Commitment

At Acumatica, we believe fostering an inclusive workplace begins with recognizing that the equality gap exists and working diligently and passionately to make it a thing of the past. We put great effort into creating a culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Acumatica’s Chief People Officer Martha Lucia Groulx puts it this way: “To make an impact, it takes fostering a culture of equality and inclusivity and putting the programs and processes in place to build and extend that culture.”

A perfect example of these programs and processes is Acumatica’s online Women in Tech (WiT) Community—a growing, year-round forum where women can dialogue with, mentor, and learn from each other and find information about career-enhancing online and in-person networking events. The forum continues to be successful and has seen growth of 178% YoY.

In 2023, our Women in Tech Webinar Program also kicked off with two online events hosted by award-winning author and founder of Tech Savvy Women, JJ DiGeronimo. In the first webinar, “Career Advancement Starts Within,” JJ shared value-filled tools and techniques for overcoming career obstacles, increasing self-effectiveness, and supporting career development. In the second, “Career Advancement – Building Momentum,” she delivered career-advancing insights and strategies, which included replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations and setting personal goals that are measured by personal standards.

JJ also encouraged attendees to obtain sponsors and sponsor others. Unlike mentors, who offer expert advice and guidance, sponsors seek to open doors and actively promote a person’s unique, viable skills. Here’s how JJ describes it: “Sponsors are people that make connections for you, speak about you and your goals in rooms you’re not invited to, [and] give you the inside track on how to get things done.”

For Acumatica, sponsors and sponsorships are crucial. We see them as opportunities to work with individuals, like professional LPGA golfers Jessica Korda and Lilia Vu, who are driven to excel and who recognize that building a successful future—whether in business or personal achievements—is possible when we all work together.

Korda, who has 50 career top-10 finishes and six career victories, says this about partnering with Acumatica: “Acumatica is a great partner for me because it values performance and is dedicated to continuous improvement. Not only that, but Acumatica also holds values, such as resilience and inclusion, that resonate deeply with me.”

Vu, the top-ranked LPGA player and No. 1 golfer in the world, agrees, saying, “I’m proud to partner with a company like Acumatica, whose commitment to excellence is seen in the quality of its product and its dedication to delivering the best for its customers.”

She adds, “It’s an honor to work with an organization that shares my passion for winning and is also focused on empowering women through its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.”

Vu competed in the LPGA season-ending CME Group Tour Championship, and Acumatica was proud to be the title sponsor of the tournament’s Women’s Leadership Day activities, which offered women leaders opportunities to learn, network, and connect and included a luncheon featuring Korda and a panel discussion with Acumatica’s own Martha Lucia Groulx and other business leaders, centered on the empowering theme “Own Your Voice.”

While these individual sponsorships highlight Acumatica’s commitment to closing the gender gap in technology, our dedication is also seen in our support for Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that offers clubs, summer programs, college and career programs, and more to women of all ages in an effort to “change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.” With 580,000 girls, women, and nonbinary individuals coding through its in-person programming, Girls Who Code is—like Acumatica—living its commitment.

Expanding the Commitment

Every day, Acumatica works to foster an equitable and thriving work environment for every person in our Community, and our daily commitment to upholding Acumatica Community values is fueled and energized by annual events, like the upcoming Summit 2024. During this year’s Summit, Acumatica Hackathon 2024 is putting the spotlight on four U.N. SDGs, including achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

We’re excited to see what creative, out-of-the-box applications our diverse participants develop for these goals, and we’re also excited to continue building on the Women in Tech Luncheon and Reception tradition. We invite you to join us at Summit and at these two women-centered events that will help you expand your impact through mindset, tenacity, and action and spur you towards excellence, which, as Partner Account Manager, Sarah Kurpe points out, is something we prioritize every day.

“I am very excited to attend the lunch because it gives me an opportunity to meet up with some familiar faces and to meet new faces. I’ve found the atmosphere very welcoming both coming into the lunch, at the table, and during the speaker engagement. Often, the speakers have provided me with insight and perspectives that helped me relook and rethink how I might approach my own circumstances. Many of us have similar challenges, frustrations, areas of self-doubt, and seeking support with other women has been very helpful as we navigate our roles in the workplace and in our personal lives.”

To learn more about Acumatica Summit 2024, contact the event team at support@acumaticaevents.com.

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