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Construction Edition

Acumatica delivers broad, deep software solutions for construction project and accounting management on a modern business platform.

Cloud Construction Management Software that gives you real-time visibility wherever you build

Acumatica’s Construction Edition is a full-featured Construction ERP that helps you improve margins and project control from estimating through close out on home, multi-family, commercial, mixed-use, land development, and government projects.

Check dashboards for revenue, costs and commitments, and equip staff and subcontractors with secure, private apps for sub-job needs, changes, time entry, and electronic signatures—all on phones and tablets. Exchange information with customers, suppliers, and specialty applications such as Smartsheet, Procore, and Hyphen Solutions for an end-to-end solution. Manage contracts and change orders. All based on Acumatica ERP—a proven, modern application used by thousands of customers worldwide.

Acumatica Construction Edition Intro

Why General Contractors, Home Builders, Subcontractors, Specialty Contractors, and Land Developers Choose Acumatica for Construction Management

  • Organize Your Business

    Manage projects, costs, and company-wide capacity with a solution that links opportunities, contracts, schedules, budgets, change orders, subcontracts and compliance from one screen. When all team members having a “single source of the truth” in one location, decisions are made more efficiently and effectively.

  • Document Management

    Leverage Acumatica for document management of plans, contracts, specifications, submittals, emails, change orders, photos, spreadsheets, inspection reports, etc., and send them to your team with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Direct Every Project

    Keep the field and home office on schedule, identifying problems early and updating plans, deliveries, crews, and equipment requirements. Manage employee results by tracking details by sub-job to address needs and reward strong performers.

  • Manage Financials

    Forecast and manage costs, payroll, overheads, profits, cash, and taxes accurately, using revenue balance, percentage completed, and completed contract accounting—with multiple entities, currencies, and languages. Manage subcontractors and materials, e.g., using purchase requisitions, inventory control, and advanced warehousing for stored materials. Analyze data with embedded Microsoft Excel and Power BI capabilities.

  • Grow Your Business

    Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications for new project, tenant improvement, and remodel opportunities; issue tracking for customer changes; and provide web portals and field service for customer service and warranty. Quickly review project status, contracts, materials, changes, and warranty details using phones and tablets to keep customers satisfied and management up to date.

  • Invest wisely

    Capitalize on Acumatica’s easy to implement capabilities, software as a service (SAAS), and consumption-based (not user based) pricing for construction accounting software that helps you reduce your initial investment. Acumatica is supported by construction experts in Acumatica’s worldwide channel team and tech leaders such as Amazon and Microsoft.

  • Production Cost Tracking

    Gain insight into your cost budget, including cost to complete, cost at completion, and percentage of completion. Compare actual to budgeted figures.

When you use these criteria to select the right system, you’ll end up with the best fit.

Acumatica Construction Edition Functionality

Every construction company utilizes different tools and equipment to perform their work. Learn about Acumatica’s features to accommodate the unique business processes and information needs of various construction company types:

Acumatica Construction Edition also provides the following set of features to meet the needs common to most businesses in the construction industry:

Construction Edition Features

  • Project Management

    A complete view of the project details that provides updates to the management team with any changes from the customer or the field.

  • Contracts

    Links between contract details and sub-jobs in the project plan include all addenda and change orders.

  • Budgets

    Budgets directly link to contracts, accounting, and the project plan for managing hard and soft costs, change orders, profits, overheads, and fees in real time.

  • Commitments

    Subcontracts and purchase orders are immediately updated from accounts payable, including comparing budgets with actual and standard costs based on sub jobs and industry standard cost codes.

  • Job Costing

    Enhanced costing tracks codes, types, and sub-jobs to keep project management and accounting in sync on actual and standard costs.

  • Subcontracts

    Subcontractors stay current on project needs from bidding through payment, including flexible retainage options.

  • Workflows

    Use the standard workflow or create custom workflows for large projects, including estimating, scheduling, and approvals with electronic signatures.

  • Compliance

    Manage lien waivers and releases, insurance, certificates, and status updates, providing expiration and other alerts to staff and suppliers.

  • Project Billing

    Confirm details and automatically generate pro forma, progress, and time and material invoices from one screen, including quick billing.

  • Retainage

    For both accounts receivable and payable, manage initial retainage and any changes to streamline invoicing and payments. Retainage tracking is supported for progress billing and time and material billing of projects. Plus, project cost commitments are calculated with respect to retainage in purchase orders.

  • Joint checks

    Purchase requisitions, contracts and inventory control integrate with subcontracts to simplify project and joint check management.

  • Payroll

    Support multiple unions, locals, classes, benefit packages, and complex wages, as well as certified wages and executive compensation.

  • Construction Mobile App

    Quickly check key reports on phones and tablets and give staff and subcontractors the tools to enter job and equipment time cards. Access the complete system over any device, and search for all project details from one global search box.

  • Change Management

    Control changes of the project budgeted and committed values and control the profitability of every change initiated by a customer. The change order is a document for profitability analysis and an audit trail of changes to the project revenue budget, commitments, and budgeted costs.

Acumatica Construction Edition Functionality

Make the most of every type of construction project, stay on schedule, manage commitments, and achieve business goals

Reach company objectives from site development through home design, build, and warranty management with home builder software from Acumatica. Learn more.

Maximize the value of residential, mixed-use, and commercial projects from excavation through infrastructure with land development software from Acumatica.

Manage new build, remodel, service, and warranty projects from one, end-to-end system for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, mechanical, and other trades with contractor software from Acumatica.

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