Sales Automation

Acumatica sales tools enhance information flow, reduce sales cycles, increase close rates, and improve sales efficiency.

How Sales Automation can work for you

Provide your sales teams with a complete view of opportunities, contacts and all activities that influence the sales decision. Lead assignment and workflow help manage sales processes to improve efficiency.

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Key Benefits of Sales Automation for your Company

  • Integrated financials

    Keep your entire team in sync with sales modules integrated to financials. Be sure your entire organization is using the same single version of the truth – sales forecasts, revenue reports, collections data, commissions and more.

  • Account and Contact Management

    Convert leads into accounts linked to contacts, activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, and documents. Make your entire sales team instantly aware of all activity in the account.

  • Integrated Document Management

    Attach any digital document to leads, opportunities, and accounts. Eliminate the need to search for associated documents, contracts, etc. Once files have been attached to one document within the system, the file can simply be linked to additional documents or records without uploading the file again.

  • Lead Management

    Aggregate leads from the web, purchased lists, trade shows, and manual entry. Automatically assign and rout leads according to pre-set criteria.

Important Features of Sales Automation

  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Approvals and Workflow
  • Email Templates
  • Dashboards and Favorites

Opportunity Management

Team members collaborate on deals, task assignments, and activities through Opportunity Management. Linking items to opportunities prevents re-entry and enables finance to quickly generate an invoice wen the deal is closed.

Lead Management

Assign leads to internal and external users. Empower partners to manage accounts (with access controls) to include all sales channels in consolidated reports.

Approvals and Workflow

Use workflow to manage approvals mandated by your sales processes. Restrict rights to specific customer accounts for information security.

Email Templates

Create templates to ensure that emails are consistent with branding guidelines. Automatically track responses to emails.

Dashboards and Favorites

Create announcements and default dashboards for each salesperson to match their individual needs. Dashboards and Favorites link salespeople to real-time information delivered in tabular or graphical form.

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