Acumatica Custom Dashboards

Acumatica ERP enables users to customize their dashboards to display the information they need most.

Using Custom Dashboards in Acumatica ERP

In Acumatica ERP, a dashboard is a collection of widgets that are displayed on a single page and designed to give you needed information at a glance. A widget is a small component that delivers a specific set of information.

From the dashboard, users can click any widget to drill down to greater detail.

Dashboards may serve different purposes. Users who have appropriate permissions can create dashboards that display information from a variety of sources, including Acumatica ERP inquiries, wiki articles, and even external pages. If the source of the information shown on the dashboard comes from Acumatica itself, the data from the form can be displayed in various types of charts and tables, with the data filtered to meet your selection criteria.

Acumatica allows users who have sufficient privileges to design the layout and create specific widgets to be used in the dashboards. You can even display data from external sources on the Web and Generic Inquiries.

You can move dashboard widgets by dragging and dropping or resize them by dragging the corners to the desired dimensions.