Search Functions in Acumatica

Acumatica’s search tool allows you to find files, forms, customer records, and help topics quickly.

Using the Search function in Acumatica

Searching in Acumatica ERP gives you the ability to quickly open a form, find a file, locate a customer record, or search on a help topic. Please check the Acumatica Search results screen below:

Acumatica Search results screen

To search on a word, name, or phrase, type the terms into the Search box. Search can provide results from several filtered sources:

  • Menu Items – Scan for specific forms or reports by name or ID.
  • Transactions and Profiles – Search for specific system records, such as customers, vendors, prospects, employee accounts, and notes attached to records.
  • Help and Support – Display search results from all guides and help topics.
  • Files: View files attached to system records.

In Acumatica ERP, the system performs a flexible search, considering all possible forms of the text string that you have entered in the Search box, and then lists the search results from the most relevant to the least relevant.

The system narrows the search results based on the access rights of the user who performs the search. If you don’t have access rights to particular data (such as vendor accounts), these objects do not appear in the search results, even though they match the search criteria. Your access rights to file attachments are determined by your rights to the entities to which the files are attached.