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Built for Today and Beyond. Acumatica True Cloud Construction Accounting Software.

You have a choice: Hang onto your legacy software designed decades ago…

…or move to an end-to-end system, built from the ground up for the cloud for project management, accounting, contracts, job costs, commitments, subcontracts, compliance and retainage.

Acumatica Construction Edition Intro
  • True Cloud Benefits

    • Consistency
      • Same application software on phones, tablets, and computers
    • SaaS
      • Reliability and security
      • Lower IT costs
    • Integration
      • Modern APIs
      • With Smartsheet, Procore, Hyphen Solutions, and more
  • Real Time Advantages

    • Accurate Decision Making
      • Data entered is immediately accessible and updated everywhere
      • A “single version of the truth” for everyone
    • Easy access to information
      • Share information with customers, suppliers, and staff
      • Self-service reports, dashboards, and portals
  • High Value

    • Deep solution:
      • financials, contracts, budgeting, costing
    • Broad solution:
      • construction accounting, purchasing, CRM
    • Productivity:
      • Workflow, document management, Wiki
    • Unique Pricing:
      • Based on resources used — not user-based-licensing

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