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Acumatica Enables Growing Businesses to Achieve Sustained Success

December 19, 2023

Cloud ERP Provider Reflects on Customer Achievements in 2023

Kirkland, Wash. – December 19, 2023Acumatica, an industry-leading business solutions provider, today highlighted the pivotal role technology has played in empowering several customers to conquer challenges, realize ambitious growth objectives and seamlessly optimize operations.

“The lingering effects of the pandemic and volatile economy have posed challenges to businesses across all industries. We believe the best way to overcome obstacles is not just adapting to change but actively shaping it,” said John Case, CEO of Acumatica. “By working together with our partners and customers, empowering them with modern technology, we believe we can provide them the support and guidance they need so they can grow on their terms.”

This past year, more and more customers are turning to cloud ERP as they outgrow their legacy business management systems and struggle to scale. One such customer is DiamondBack, a truck covers and automotive accessories company.

The DiamondBack accounting team relied on QuickBooks for financial operations, and the system didn’t sync effectively with the company’s sales management solution. As sales volumes grew, information sharing between the systems became even more complicated and disjointed, forcing the team to rely on error-prone manual data entry. With significant inefficiencies creating a bottleneck to growth, DiamondBack turned to Acumatica for help.

“It becomes more and more apparent every day that our decision to choose Acumatica was the right one,” said Scott Stilson, manager of information systems at DiamondBack. “With Acumatica, we’ve connected disparate systems and streamlined operations. Now, we can actually grow.”

Another customer leveraging cloud-based ERP to reach new heights is Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) and affiliated Killer Merch (the distribution backbone for JSC and 80 other brands). As sales skyrocketed for the brands, Killer Merch relied on Acumatica’s native Shopify integration to manage its back office while creating an exceptional customer experience.

“At the peak one week, we had 700,000 orders,” said Mark Bubb, owner and COO of Killer Merch and CRO of JSC. “Thankfully, Acumatica was already in place.”

In 2023, Acumatica has built on its momentum in the ERP market by delivering industry-leading usability and functionality derived from user feedback, enabling customers to increase efficiency and save costs. One customer saving costs with Acumatica is cbdMD, Inc (cbdMD).

cbdMD is a leading hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) brand with a comprehensive line of American-made products. Using Acumatica’s connected platform, cbdMD eliminated costly licensing fees, saving the company over $200,000. In addition, Acumatica has enabled cbdMD to increase throughput to keep pace with the demand for its products.

“We were maybe shipping 3,000 orders in a day during eight hours – now we’re processing 1,000 orders an hour. That’s a lot of time and labor saved,” said Dustin Dickerson, ERP analyst with cbdMD.

“We’re thrilled to play a part in helping these small and midsized enterprises on their’ journey to transform operations with state-of-the-art technology. Our team is laser-focused on ensuring our product roadmap anticipates and swiftly addresses customer needs while raising the bar for excellence as a trusted partner,” said Case. “As we enter 2024, our customers will continue to be our focus and we’re excited to partner with them as their businesses grow and become more efficient.

Acumatica is preparing to highlight the stories of many more customers during its annual Summit event in Las Vegas from January 28 to 31, 2024. During the event, the cloud ERP provider will award its Customer of the Year and Impact Customer of the Year and recognize leading companies in key industries.

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