Gain Greater Control Over Your Entire Construction Business

You know all too well the challenges of running a profitable business in the construction industry. Whether you’re building residential or commercial properties, your bottom line will only improve if you can take on more work without increasing your overhead. That means you need ways to forecast the future and then align your resources to execute efficiently.

Your customers have different priorities. They’re always asking for more but want to pay less for it. Can you afford to meet them halfway? Only you can answer that question—and only if you have a tight rein on all your business processes. That’s challenging enough if you’re “just” a builder or installer, and even more so if you’re also providing annual maintenance services.

What you need is greater control over all aspects of your business on the executive, operational, and project levels. That’s the kind of control that only comes from using cloud-based construction project management apps that can serve up real-time information on any web-enabled device.

Key Features

  • Multiple Project Dashboards
  • Linked Projects and Contracts
  • Built-in Document Management
  • Schedule of Values and Commitments
  • Subcontractor Performance Reports
  • Requisitions, Purchasing and Inventory
  • Change Order Control
  • System-Wide Compliance
  • Customer Relationship and Service Management
  • Visual Scheduling with Smartsheet
Meet Modern Challenges with a Modern System

Contractors are embracing new business models such as design/build. They’re facing new challenges in finding skilled trade and qualified subcontractors. They’re using new products and building materials. And they’re working under new safety and environmental regulations.

Amidst all these “new” challenges, why are they still running their businesses the old way with printouts, spreadsheets, and point solutions? What you need is an ERP platform that can streamline and automate key business processes in areas such as:

  • Financing and cash management
  • Multi project control
  • Union and payroll details
  • Tax avoidance and management
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Field service

Acumatica Construction Edition is a modern cloud ERP system that’s designed to help you meet these challenges. It provides broad and deep functionality that enables you tackle accounting, contracts, change orders, compliance, and customer relationships all on one integrated platform. And with real-time access to data from anywhere, you can more easily keep an eye on project costs—and your bottom line.

Run Your Business from a Real-Time “Control Tower”

What’s one of the greatest obstacles to profitability for construction businesses? Too many versions of the truth. Accounting has one version of project costs. The foundation guys in the field have a different view. And nobody has checked in with the HVAC team for their latest estimates. At the end of a project, when management wants answers, the numbers don’t line up—and the blame game begins.

You can avoid this all-too-common scenario by establishing Acumatica Construction Edition as your real-time control tower. Across your projects large and small, all your teams can log onto a single dashboard to exchange information. Any stakeholder can easily search for the data they need and find it in seconds—rather than having to leave the building site and root through filing cabinets. This includes requests for information (RFIs) and issue management: all your team members can document, communicate, and manage them on phones, tablets, and computers.  And your executives can keep an eye on the health of your business by using powerful reporting and data analytic technology that keeps your most important KPIs on the dashboard.

Win More Deals with Better Estimates

You can win more deals by going lower than your competition. But how much lower can you really afford to go before you’re actually hurting your bottom line? You’ll only know when you can determine the true cost of each job. In other words, your estimating is only as good as your job costing—and the costing data you need is living inside a multitude of systems across your organization. How will you tie them together?

Acumatica Construction Edition lets you establish a cloud-based ERP system as your hub for job costing data. Cloud technology makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever to integrate all your systems. Your hub can facilitate job costing by pulling in information on your estimates, projects, budgets, contracts and subcontracts, purchasing, and customers, and then letting you run reports on this data in seconds. Whether your data is in spreadsheets or standalone solutions, Acumatica Cloud ERP can serve as your hub for job costing and estimating.

You can capture these details in project quotes, updating them with revised budgets, estimates and cost data, and linking them with customer relationship management (CRM) to support complex sales efforts. When you win a deal, you can automatically create a project based on the quote.

Reduce IT Costs in the Cloud

You’re trying to squeeze every ounce of profitability out of your construction business. Why spend any more than you have to on assets that don’t directly contribute to your competitive advantage—expenses such as computer hardware and IT consulting fees? Cloud ERP lets you access your business software from any web-enabled device. You leave hardware, software and security maintenance in the hands of your vendor and simply pay a subscription fee for as long as you’re using the software.

Acumatica Construction Edition is a cloud-based ERP system that does more than help you control your IT costs. It’s also designed to give you outstanding performance that’s continually optimized by Acumatica’s technical experts. You can tailor your workflows and dashboards to the needs of each user without the need to write code.

Construction Edition also puts standard tools such as Excel, Power BI, and Outlook at the fingertips of your users. But you won’t pay by the user—you’ll pay only for the resources you actually use. And the platform provides a higher level of security than the typical in-house IT staff can ensure. It all adds up to exceptional value for a growing construction firm.

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