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Increase Collaboration with Your Customers, Subcontractors and Staff

Your field managers and supervisors shouldn’t be tied to a desk. You need them out in the field, keeping your projects moving forward. But as they work, they’ll need anywhere, anytime access to all your business systems so that they can find information, record changes, and communicate freely—rather than frantically trying to play “catch-up” in the office every evening.

A decade ago, these needs were difficult to meet. Today, cloud contractor apps enable your managers and supervisors to remain productive on the job site while staying connected with your back-office functions. They allow your suppliers to collaborate with you around the clock. They allow your customers to request service or monitor building progress just by opening a browser. With cloud construction apps, the desktop isn’t just in an office—it’s available on any phone, tablet, or laptop that has internet access.

Acumatica Construction Edition delivers the “always-on” tools your key people need to identify, research, and resolve issues throughout the workday—from anywhere. It empowers your managers and supervisors to work more productively through workflow and customizable dashboards. It safeguards your data with powerful security and privacy features. And it keeps the lines of communication open, so that you can exchange information freely with your clients—and even give them the tools to answer their own questions.

Key Features

  • Self-Service Dashboards
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Fast Global Search
  • Personalized Browser
  • Approval Workflows
  • Adobe Sign and DocuSign
  • Procore Integration
  • Amazon SaaS Security for Suppliers and Customers
Why the Cloud Is Ideal for Field Organizations

Would you rather keep your field staff deployed at the job site, or have them back in the office doing paperwork? How many hours per week do your managers spend punching handwritten information into a central construction management system or spreadsheet? Is your staff clocking overtime hours just to keep up with the back-office tasks related to each building project?

For field organizations, switching to cloud technology is a no-brainer. Rather than requiring your people to spend hours hunched at a computer screen, cloud construction management solutions free them up to spend more time in the field, and to send and receive information from their mobile devices. Acumatica Construction Management is designed to work optimally on the tablets your field workers carry around each day.

With Acumatica Construction Management, you can:

  • Streamline day-to-day tasks through an intuitive, customizable mobile app.
  • Tailor your mobile app for specific reporting and data entry needs.
  • Provide field workers with instant access to budgets, costs, subcontracts, purchase orders, plans, specifications, and inspection reports.
  • Capture business data in document management and link it to information from your construction apps and other data sources.
  • Make your system available to customers and subcontractors so that everybody stays on the same page—but pay only for resources used, not the number of users.
Streamlining Business Processes with Cloud Integration Technology

If you’ve considered cloud-based solutions for your construction firm, then you’re probably hung up on integration. Sure, cloud solutions deliver powerful features without the need for you to install and maintain hardware and software on your premises. But how can you use the information from one cloud solution in the business processes that you manage in a different cloud solution?

Acumatica Construction Management can serve as the information hub for all your business activities. You can capture, store, and share all your documents with Acumatica’s document management capabilities. From there, you can:

  • Perform routine tasks such as importing a spreadsheet into an estimating or budgeting application.
  • Automatically ensure that spreadsheets meet all your business rules.
  • Enter changes centrally and automatically update information in Procore, Hyphen Solutions, and Smartsheet—thanks to prepackaged integrations.
  • Streamline approvals with Adobe Sign and DocuSign.
  • Share project budgets with your subcontractors.
  • Solicit price quotes quickly from a wide range of suppliers.
  • Gather customer input efficiently throughout the building cycle.
Get the Right Information at the Right Time

The last thing your project team wants to tell a customer is, “I don’t have that information in front of me—I’ll have to call you back.” Equally uncomfortable is the need to call a customer to correct faulty information you gave them earlier. You can avoid these situations by using modern cloud technology to put accurate information at the fingertips of your employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and even customers.

With Acumatica Construction Management, you can create workflows that allow your entire extended team to use their phones as their project dashboards. They can not only stay up-to-date from out in the field, but also easily enter information as work progresses.

This isn’t “one size fits all” functionality—it’s customizable by role. For example, supervisors can prioritize the information they want to see in their dashboards. When a particularly critical issue arises, they can create a “case” that will remain visible—with full details—in the dashboard until it is resolved. And for any project they’re tracking, your managers can easily dig into the details using integrated Microsoft Excel functionality, pivot tables, and PowerBI business analytics.

Safeguard the Security and Privacy of Your Business Data

Ensuring the security of your business data used to mean hiring expert IT staff and implementing powerful, expensive security software. Today, you can rely on your cloud ERP vendor to safeguard your business and project data using controls that would normally be beyond the means of a growing contractor.

Acumatica partners with leading IT vendors such as Amazon to provide you with the highest levels of security for your data. Even as your field workers and supervisors move from site to site, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re not just getting the best security your company could install—you’re getting the best the industry has to offer. But although your cloud vendor is responsible for security, you retain complete control over how it’s configured. With Acumatica Construction Edition, you can:

  • Define roles and individual permissions.
  • Limit customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and staff to seeing only the information they need to see.
  • Change permissions quickly.
  • Provide robust, secure email through integration with Outlook and Office 365.

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