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Skin Care Company Switches to Acumatica from Sage, Gains Deeper Insight Into Customers and Prospects
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Biopelle
Ferndale, MI
Apps Replaced


  • Integration of disparate business systems and financial software
  • Web-based access provides vital information for mobile salesforce
  • Increased visibility into financial data
  • Unlimited user business model means more employees can find the information they need—on their own
  • Integrated inventory forecasting and planning eliminates errors and saves time
  • Sub account flexibility enables deeper customer analysis
"I chose Acumatica because I knew it could handle our complexities… It was easy to get around from one screen to another, and I felt like it would take us into the twenty-first century."
Jodi Anstandig, Finance Director
ERP Solution


Biopelle needed to:

  • Increase efficiency and improve capabilities
  • ERP system that could handle Biopelle’s complex sales order process system and financial practices
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

Although other Ferndale Pharma Group divisions used QAD MFG/PRO, Anstandig eliminated it from consideration as it could not accommodate Biopelle’s operating processes. Anstandig evaluated Blue Link, Minotaur Software, and Acumatica.

“I chose Acumatica because I knew it could handle our complexities,” she said. “Acumatica offered a lot more customization than the other packages. It was easy to get around from one screen to another, and I felt like it would take us into the twenty-first century.”



Anstandig used to get frantic calls from the outside sales team asking for access to vital information to help close deals. “The sales reps were never allowed into our ERP system, but now they can connect at any time … within the permission levels they have been granted,” Anstandig said. “There is improved communication between our reps and the inside team, which we didn’t have before.”Acumatica’s sub account structure allows Anstandig to populate fields with custom information and gain insights she couldn’t before. “Now I can create fields that are reportable and informative. The attribute section of Acumatica is terrific,” she said.

“Now I’m able to work with data right and left,” Anstandig said. “I can create reports knowing which customer ordered which item during which time with what special.” “I’m able to drill down and get information in ways I never could before,” she added. “I like that the General Ledger (GL) doesn’t come with canned reports. I like that I can create what I want and get the information with just a push of a button.”

Acumatica has become a vital tool in Biopelle’s growth. “With the sheer capability of getting our sales reps online and giving them access to customer information through the CRM, Acumatica is allowing my business to grow.”

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