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Acumatica Cloud ERP Saves Import Firm Time and Money
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Cottingham Ltd.
HQ in Taipei, Taiwan; second office in Shanghai, China; sales territory includes Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau
Distribution, Food and beverage
Apps Replaced
SAP and Sage

Cottingham Ltd.

  • Access to the ERP system from anywhere, at any time, through the Cloud
  • Improved management of supply chain and corporate finances
  • Significant cost savings, thanks to Acumatica’s licensing model and the Cloud
Cindy Kan
"[Acumatica's] licensing model not only saves hardware installation and maintenance costs, but also the huge one-time license capital expense investment.""
Cindy Kan, CFO
Cottingham Ltd.
ERP Solution


Employees had previously utilized ERP systems (ACCPAC and Business One), but the company recognized the need for Cottingham to have a new ERP system, especially one based in the Cloud.

YJ Jiang, of Acumatica Reseller Lumina Technology Co., Ltd. says, “When Cottingham decided to run their business using Apple’s Operating System instead of Microsoft Windows, this drove their search for a cloud ERP system that didn’t require any Windows servers.”

Another reason to select Acumatica stemmed from their decision to outsource their IT services. Because cloud-based software often reduces the need for in-house IT infrastructure maintenance, Acumatica was an ideal fit.

ERP Solution

ERP Solution

CFO Cindy Kan notes that Cottingham’s primary requirement was “an ERP accessible from Mac Safari—anytime, anywhere.” Acumatica was appealing because of its complete mobile access through the Cloud. Their ERP purchase decision was also based on affordability and support.

Cottingham uses Acumatica for the entire supply chain and finance operations, including both the Acumatica Financial Management and Distribution Management suites.



Kan says that Cottingham appreciates three key features of Acumatica. First, Acumatica gives them “access from anywhere, on any device.” Also, she says, Acumatica offers new versions of the software, allowing Cottingham to always stay “up-to-date, instead of stuck in an old version.”

The company also values Acumatica’s “great online analytic capability.” Cottingham also appreciates the cost savings they’ve achieved through using Acumatica and the Cloud. “The licensing model not only saves hardware installation and maintenance costs, but also the huge one-time license capital expense investment,” she reports.

In addition, their accounting and logistics staff find Acumatica easy to understand and use. Specifically, Kan says, “It has a great capability to download and upload data using Excel.” She praises their Acumatica partner: “Lumina helped us migrate our historical data to the new system, including all the master data and opening balances. Since then, they have provided the implementation service, training, and on-going support that enables us to fully utilize the great technology and functionalities of Acumatica.”

Cottingham enjoys having complete mobile access to their ERP: “We like the mobile app very much, and are evaluating having sales personnel use the mobile app to place orders directly,” says Kan.

In the future, Kan expects Cottingham Ltd. will expand its use of Acumatica. She says, “We have a business plan to integrate Acumatica with an online shopping cart, when the government allows retailers to sell alcohol online.”

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