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Successful ERP Implementation: IMG Enterprises

Agribusiness switches from Dynamics to Acumatica, reduces ERP-related programs from 14 to 4

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IMG Enterprises, Inc. began in 1979 as a small citrus operation in central Florida, and has grown into a complex and diversified organization with nearly 400 full-time employees and annual revenues surpassing $60 million.

The complexity of IMG Enterprises’ operations led to a complicated IT situation. Lieffort reports the company started using Solomon in the 1990’s and re-implemented Microsoft Dynamics SL again in 2004. Lieffort says, “We had one of the most customized versions of Dynamics SL implementations anywhere.” Lieffort believed that the customizations were no longer benefiting the organizations, and instead had become a burden.

After making a decision to find a “more out-of-the-box ERP,” IMG Enterprises switched to Acumatica and drastically consolidated their ERP-related programs with a web-based system that, like IMG, is on the cutting edge of technology.

About IMG Enterprises

Location: Headquarters in Groveland, FL

industry: Agriculture and farming


Application Replaced: Microsoft Dynamics SL
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Key results for IMG Enterprises

  • Reduction of ERP-related programs from 14 to 4
  • Improved connectivity and productivity for staff through remote access
  • Time and money savings from greater operational efficiency
  • Web-based system will allow quicker disaster recovery


IMG Entrprises needed:

  • A more out-of-the-box system for ERP
  • To reduce the number of ERP-related programs they were using
  • To move the IT systems “off-site, into the hands of people who are experts in their field.”
IMG has used 14 different programs in conjunction with Dynamics SL, paying for maintenance on all of them. With Acumatica, they expect to go from 14 down to 4.

IMG Enterprises Employee

ERP Solution

A year ago, Lieffort says, they made a decision: “We really needed to get a more out-of-the-box system for ERP; we couldn’t move forward; we were stuck.” They also wanted to move the IT systems “off-site, into the hands of people who are experts in their field.” Hosting off-site was also a benefit in case of potential disaster, Lieffort says. “We are located in Florida where lightning and hurricanes are prevalent—so disaster recovery is definitely an issue.”

Lieffort reports they researched Acumatica and other options: “We looked at pretty much everything that was out there—what we really liked about Acumatica was that it was web-based.”

He adds, “We felt like if we had a web-based system, we could really improve the processes in our organizations. We could bring the system to the people, and that was going to be a huge advantage for us in a lot of different ways because of the size of our operation here.”

Benefits for IMG Enterprises

IMG Enterprises has used 14 different programs in conjunction with SL, paying for maintenance on all of them. With Acumatica, Lieffort expects to go from 14 down to 4.

They had another reason for choosing Acumatica, Lieffort says, “We’ve always been on the cutting edge of automation and technology for our industries—we actually have robots on the farm that move trees automatically. Acumatica appears to be aligned with the innovative, forward-thinking culture that we have here in our companies.”

Acumatica will save IMG Enterprises time and money, Lieffort says: “From being able to enter orders and production information directly in the field, to minimizing travel time, saving on vehicles, saving on fuel, there’s a lot of things Acumatica will make a big difference with.”

Application replaced: Microsoft Dynamics SL

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