Customer Success Stories Successful ERP Implementation - OneMed Healthcare
Indonesia’s OneMed Gains Affordable Foundation for Rapid Growth
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for OneMed Health Care
Headquartered in East Java, Indonesia with 22 branch offices
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OneMed Health Care

  • Gained an affordable system for rapid growth with unlimited user licenses
  • Eliminated computer crash delays that hindered staff productivity
  • Recouped days wasted waiting for financial reports
  • Collected crucial information previously uncaptured
  • Saved money by not outsourcing report creation
  • Achieved peace of mind by not worrying about system crashes
"Our prior program often crashed, and we had to restart the server every two hours...the program was couldn’t deliver what we wanted. That doesn't happen now with Acumatica."
Louis Hartanto, Co-Owner & Development Manager
OneMed Health Care
ERP Solution


Based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, OneMed Healthcare is a leading medical supply and equipment provider in Indonesia. Its products range from medical disposable, antiseptic and disinfectant products to hospital furniture and other consumer medical products, such as pregnancy tests. It is ISO 9001-2000 and Indonesia GMP certified.

Early in its lifespan, OneMed Healthcare hired a developer to create a custom ERP to run the small company. The program operated well when the company was small but once it grew from five to 15 offices, the program began to break down.

“At the time we had 15 branches, it couldn’t deliver what we wanted,” says Louis, Hartanto, who co-owns the company with his father and is also its business development manager. “The program was struggling, and it was not designed to scale.”

The software couldn’t handle concurrent use by more than 150 users, security wasn’t good, and the program was limited, he says. “The program often crashed, and we had to restart the server every two hours because too much was happening inside the program.” On a bad day, the system was down for two to three hours. On a good day, it might be down for one to two, he says.

As a result, he eventually had to create a schedule giving different branches a set time limit of when they could use the ERP each day.

The home-grown ERP also didn’t have the functionality One Med needed. For example, to get a financial snapshot or reports, the company had to pay the developer, which was costly. It also took a few days to get the reports. The system, Hartanto explains, didn’t have dashboards and was complicated and convoluted.

In addition, while it offered basic accounting functions, it didn’t have a sales order process, just invoicing. The software also lacked the ability to assign access levels, so everyone could see sensitive financial information.

With the continued crashes and lost productivity, Hartanto knew he needed to make a change.

ERP Solution

ERP Solution

Hartanto evaluated several ERPs including those offered by Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. He wanted a cloud-based system that was affordable, easy to use, offered dashboards and mobility. He chose Acumatica’s Financials and Distribution Edition and made the selection of implementation partner, Think Tank, and feels that they are the right partner for them. Hartanto really liked the fact that Acumatica offers growth-friendly licensing and allows OneMed to implement the software for multiple companies going forward.

“The other companies charge per user license which makes them very expensive,” Hartanto says. OneMed has 200 users and its two-year plan calls for that number to jump to 500.



Focus shifts to the business, not crashing technology

Since implementing Acumatica, Hartanto says the system hasn’t crashed and employees are much more productive. He no longer worries about the company’s infrastructure. He can concentrate on its growth and make more strategic data-driven decisions.

“We have had no problems; everything is running smoothly. Our staff spends less time inputting data now, keeping our people happy.” OneMed has greater visibility into its 2,000+ SKUs and can easily accommodate the 100’s of new products it adds to its offerings each year. With dashboards, Hartanto instantly sees the company’s financial position and can drill down into the detail to influence key business decisions.

The sales team now creates sales orders before invoicing, which has improved customer service. With no sales orders previously, making changes to invoices was a chore.

Even with frequent travel, Hartanto stays up to date via Acumatica’s fully mobile capabilities giving him needed information at his fingertips. Acumatica’s ERP is flexible and built on Microsoft technologies so companies such as OneMed operate in the manner to which they are accustomed allowing them to use their unique company processes.

Acumatica is also easy to tailor to OneMed’s specific needs. For example, Think Tank added a localized calculation for taxes, and, since they are a government approved provider, the system was easily customized to comply with government regulated bidding requirements.

Acumatica: ERP for Rapid Growth

Future Acumatica enhancements include implementing the customer portal, so OneMed Healthcare customers can reorder online. One Med will also be implementing a warehouse management system and accepting online payments, says Edo Suhendra from Think Tank. The company also has a retail division and service business, both of which are run as separate companies now but have plans to roll out Acumatica in the future.

“We have 22 branches currently and our plan in the next 2 years is to grow to 30 branches,” Hartanto says. “Acumatica will speed up our business process and make us more efficient, benefiting our business as well as the clients we serve.”

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