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Customization: How to Add an Action on the Right-click Menu on a Grid

Yuriy Zaletskyy | May 5, 2022


The usual or default way of working with Acumatica grids is implementing buttons above the grid. But there are some people who like to have a context menu item. This way the user can use a right mouse click to perform an action.

In this article, I will describe the necessary steps you will need to take as a developer to provide this capability to your end-users.

Using Subtasks

In a use case where we need to add an action button to a grid and want this action button to appear only on the menu that opens with a right-click we will want to divide this task into two subtasks:

  1. Add an action button to the grid; and
  2. Make this button visible only on the menu that opens on a right-click

Let’s start with the first task. At every grid in an aspx file there is one part where action buttons are defined:

<px:PXGrid   …  ID=”grid” DataSourceID=”ds”>




             [The action should go here]



In order to add an action button, we should implement it as follows:



<px:PXToolBarButton Text=”Insert Row” ImageSet=”main” ImageKey=”AddNew” DependOnGrid=”grid”>

<AutoCallBack Target=”ds” Command=”AddNewDSLine”/>                                                               




*Note the following:

Text – the name that will appear on the screen

ImageSet and ImageKey – needed to add the icon on the button

DependOnGrid – the ID of the grid

Target – DataSourceID from the grid

Command – the name of the action in the graph

Additionally, we should add a simple action method to our graph. Something like this will work:

public PXAction<DailySales> AddNewDSLine;

[PXButton(CommitChanges = true)]

[PXUIField(Enabled = true, MapEnableRights = PXCacheRights.Select, MapViewRights = PXCacheRights.Select)]

protected virtual IEnumerable addNewDSLine(PXAdapter adapter)



Now, if we publish the project we will see this button here:

Let’s move to the second Task. To do this, we should change the

<ActionBar ToolBarVisible=”External” MenuVisible=”true”/>


ToolBarVisible – with this parameter, we are making the button invisible in the menu on the top of the grid

MenuVisible – with this parameter, we add the button to the menu that open on the right click

So the final code will look like this:



<px:PXToolBarButton Text=”Insert Row” ImageSet=”main” ImageKey=”AddNew” DependOnGrid=”grid”>

             <AutoCallBack Target=”ds” Command=”AddNewDSLine”/>

             <ActionBar ToolBarVisible=”External” MenuVisible=”true”/>




And on the screen we will have something that looks like this:

And that’s it. Pretty simple and straight forward for the most part.


In this short post, I able to show you how to add a bit of redundancy to the UI of grids by adding an Action on the Right-click Menu on a Grid. Another scenario we might be where we want to have 5 buttons in the grid above, and other types of functionaly in the context menu of the grid.

Hope this was helpful.

Happy Coding!


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