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Nucleus Research Ranks Acumatica Cloud ERP Highly in ERP and CRM Technology Value Matrix

Ray Rebello | November 8, 2017

We always look forward to Nucleus Research releasing their Value Matrix reports; their commitment to providing fact-based research aids our current and future Acumatica cloud ERP customers in making informed decisions.

Nucleus Research has once again taken an in-depth look at vendors providing ERP and CRM solutions. The research company focuses on the value users receive from the usability and functionality capabilities of the evaluated solutions. Customers can use Nucleus’ data-driven proof to determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the return on investment (ROI) of the ERP solutions they’re thinking of implementing.

With this in mind, Nucleus just released the final 2017 Technology Value Matrix results for ERP and CRM, and we’re excited to share that Acumatica has ranked highly in both reports, including recognition as a Leader in the ERP Matrix!

We’ll breakdown what Nucleus has to say about Acumatica’s cloud ERP and CRM offerings in comparison to other ERP vendors. We’re also making the reports available to you for free: ERP Technology Value Matrix 2017 and CRM Technology Value Matrix 2H 2017.

Nucleus Research Ranks Acumatica Cloud ERP Highly in ERP and CRM Technology Value Matrix

Acumatica cloud ERP: Leader

According to Nucleus’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) report, the ERP market is continually adjusting due to advancing cloud technology as well as to vendors who are now focusing on industry-specific capabilities in their core products. Customers are starting to recognize the value of moving from manual to automated business processes available in the cloud and seeking vendors who can give them the usability and functionality their legacy systems have so far provided them but without the same expense of upkeep and maintenance.

As you’ll see in the ERP Technology Value Matrix 2017 report, Nucleus ranked Acumatica cloud ERP as one of nine Leaders in this year’s ERP Matrix, but we are the single highest in usability for the second year in a row. We’re on track to raise our functionality rating even higher, challenging our more established competitors – most of whom have been in business for thirty plus years.

“Excelling in several industries including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, food and beverage, nonprofits, and services, part of Acumatica’s strength comes from the ability of its platform to address the needs of almost any customer,” Nucleus says.

Acumatica customer Cottingham Ltd. feels Acumatica has definitely addressed their needs. The company, which handles a majority of the beer and spirit brands in Taiwan, needed a cloud ERP to manage operations and chose Acumatica cloud ERP to replace SAP and Sage. Cottingham Ltd. achieved full mobility (accessing the ERP system wherever and whenever), supply chain and corporate finance management improvement, and savings through Acumatica’s unique licensing model and true cloud capabilities.

CFO Cindy Kan says, “Acumatica is the most mature and affordable cloud ERP system in the market with great partner support.”

Check out the full case study on Cottingham Ltd. for more of their story.

Acumatica cloud ERP CRM: Facilitator

As Nucleus points out in their CRM Technology Value Matrix 2H 2017 report, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market is up for grabs. Customers have many options to choose from as vendors continue to advance their capabilities in such areas as embedded intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks, mobile advances, and investments in usability. The report details out how Customer Management vendors are also advancing in social selling, mobile frameworks, platform evolution, and industry accelerators.

Nucleus notes, “On the technology front, CRM buyers are still often making separate decisions for sales, marketing, and service automation – and separate decisions for different functions within those pillars – so vendors with a strong integration and platform message are making themselves more attractive.”

As with the ERP Matrix, Acumatica rates high in usability, and Nucleus points our CRM solution towards a higher functionality rating in the future as well as towards the Leader quadrant of the CRM Matrix.

Our Customer Management suite, built into Acumatica from the beginning, provides a 360-degree view of all of your customer information from a single database, fully integrating with our cloud ERP, plus a Customer Portal. Over 50% of our customers use our Customer Relationship Management rather than an expensive, standalone solution because of the pragmatic functionality Acumatica cloud ERP offers.

“…Nucleus finds that its midmarket customers can often meet all their CRM technology needs with what Acumatica provides. The company’s investments in AI, IoT, and other areas will likely make it even more compelling to customers in the future,” Nucleus states.

Nick Novy launched his company, Korpack, with the intent of helping his customers fulfill their packaging solutions while increasing their productivity and savings. He desired an ERP that could help him offer excellent data-driven customer service through amazing response times and meeting their specific needs. Acumatica’s cloud ERP and CRM solution fit the bill.

“We use everything and anything in Acumatica to our advantage to keep information centralized,” Madison says. “We use the Acumatica Customer Management Suite religiously to track opportunities and leads, and what’s going on with a contact, and we love that Acumatica integrates well with the Microsoft Office suite because we are also strong users of Excel, Power BI and Outlook.”

Read more about the success with Acumatica via this Korpack case study.

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