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The Benefits of a Mobile ERP Platform

Brian Kelly | June 20, 2017

Choosing not to implement a cloud-based ERP with a mobile ERP platform immobilizes your company; stagnant business practices can stifle a business’ growth. Having the ability to access your ERP system remotely and at all times is essential if you want to move your business forward, stay ahead of your competition and serve your customers in the best way possible.

Mobile devices are everywhere…hence the definition of mobile.  Texting, checking email, tweeting, shopping, etc. are tasks that no longer restrict our movement; we can do any of these things from any location whenever needed. Mobility is becoming the norm for both professional and personal purposes. This same trend is happening with ERP technology. Modern ERP systems offer cloud-based applications, like Acumatica Mobile ERP, that provide a mobile ERP platform and many other benefits to small and mid-sized businesses.

The Benefits of a Mobile ERP Platform

Businesses are transforming into mobile workplaces by leveraging the power of the Internet. Selecting a perfect mobile ERP platform for your business is becoming vital for growth and remaining competitive in every industry.

The top benefits of mobile ERP

We at Accounting Systems, Inc. (ASI) believe utilizing advances in ERP technology is a key component to all businesses’ ability to succeed.  Many companies agree that access from anywhere, anytime, and on any device is one of the most important mobile ERP benefits.

And while we agree with them, we believe the following benefits rank slightly higher.

Real-time updates and notifications: With mobile ERP, you can enter your data wherever your business takes you. Salesperson onsite with a customer? He or she is capable of immediately sharing customer information by entering the data using their smart phone, tablet, laptop or the customer’s computer.  The data instantly feeds into the accounting system, updating the company’s projected sales for the quarter. The warehouse and fulfillment center can also see that a new order has arrived and expedite it if the customer needs it. Real-time data synchronization through a cloud-based mobile ERP platform ensures that no matter where you are, data entered through one device is seen and reported throughout the organization. The entire business can respond quickly and more efficiently to needs.

Increased data accuracy: Companies using mobile ERP also report improvements in data accuracy. Employees are able to enter data quickly and share it effortlessly with everyone in the organization. Mobile ERP technology can reduce or eliminate mistakes by cutting down on the amount of double-data entry.

Greater customer satisfaction: Not only will you see employee satisfaction increase but also customer satisfaction.  Data shared across an organization helps prevent customers from receiving mixed messages every time they call for an update.  Data entered into one area of the system appears in other areas giving your employees the ability to provide a consistent message to your customers. CRM systems added to ERP systems can also provide tailor-made messages and updates that enhance and build customer relationships.

Edge out your competition with a mobile ERP platform

A mobile ERP platform improves the way you do business. While the idea of remotely accessing your ERP system whenever and wherever is not brand new ERP technology, it’s still an important trend that hasn’t  made it to businesses that are just now contemplating the benefits of implementing a cloud-based ERP system.

Outpace your competition and accelerate your business by providing your employees with the tool to do their jobs – and serve your customers – in a faster, more accurate, and fully informed manner. Ever-changing ERP technology benefits those who take hold. Becoming more efficient, flexible, and accessible enhances your customers’ experience and improves your bottom line.

If you’re ready to implement a cloud-based ERP system with a mobile ERP platform, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss how software, such as Acumatica ERP, can be the means to help grow your company.

Acumatica Mobile Solutions in action (3 min) Choosing the Best Modern ERP Platform

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