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VLOG: How to Use Dynamic Selectors in Each Row of a Grid

Yuriy Zaletskyy | May 28, 2021

In this short demo, I show you how to use Dynamic Selectors in each row of a grid in Acumatica.  By default, specific columns of grids in Acumatica allow you to fill a selector with values from one specific table. But how would you go about making rows of a specific column even more dynamic and allow them to use data from different tables as well?

Look no further, I show you the way… Watch my short video here:

Also, as a bonus, I provide you the code:

GIST: https://gist.github.com/YuriyZaletskyy/698abc111595a54f670d0cd85a832d49

Happy Coding!

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Yuriy started programming in 2003 using C++ and FoxPro then switching to .Net in 2006. Beginning in 2013, he has been actively developing applications using the Acumatica xRP Framework, developing solutions for many clients over the years. He has a personal blog, aptly named Yuriy Zaletskyy’s Blog, where he has been documenting programming issues he’s run into over the past six years – sharing his observations and solutions freely with other Acumatica developers.

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