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How a Well-Designed Cloud ERP Can Maximize Your Technology ROI

Ray Rebello | October 23, 2019

Acumatica’s new Whitepaper describes the usability benefits of choosing a well-designed cloud ERP solution and how it maximizes your technology ROI.

Have you ever watched an expert easily demonstrate how a product works then brought that same product home and found the usability has disappeared with the expert? A new Whitepaper, It’s All About Design, explores the importance of choosing a well-designed cloud ERP solution, like Acumatica, to ensure purchasing a system that is usable from the get-go, with or without the expert on hand.

“Acumatica is a True Cloud solution with a look and feel that is built with modern tools that allow it to run on any device, anywhere,” the paper states. “It is easy to navigate across your complete business, and the screens and reports are easy to read.”

Well-designed and usable? Acumatica is.

According to the Whitepaper, well-designed cloud ERP software allows users to:

  • Optimize needed information, the way you want it using a Favorites Page, customizable Dashboards and Data Displays, and Look Ahead Typing
  • Access powerful tools that allow them to drill-down for details, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI) to do a Global Search, fast data access through Generic Inquiries, and Microsoft Power BI compatibility for modern business intelligence
  • Automate their data supply through notifications and alerts, monitor processes, change workflows, and add data fields
  • Capitalize on mobile technology features, such as automatic re-sizing for smaller screens as well as being tailored to IOS and Android operating systems, and more

Corey Wynn, Information Technology Manager at Kelly Products, Inc. has experienced these benefits with Acumatica. “Acumatica is not a complicated system to maneuver around in and the modules have the same look and feel, which makes it easier to train employees and find things. The help feature is tremendous. You just click on something and get information about it right from that particular screen. That alone speaks volumes to ease-of-use of the application.”

Kelly Products, Inc. is the parent company of 13 individual businesses and branches in the agriculture and farming industry. They were disconnected and inefficient with limited software licenses, manual intercompany accounting processes, reporting delays, and had no single version of the truth.

After implementing Acumatica Financial Management and Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, Kelly Products’ businesses were digitally transformed and experienced quantifiable benefits in the process.

“One of the key benefits is being able to link companies. We can pull something one time and updating it one-time updates it for all the companies rather than having one person entering it into many systems one at a time,” Corey says.

Their Acumatica customer success story provides more details and benefits but bottom line, Acumatica’s inherent usability made it easy for Kelly Products, Inc. to succeed and delivered a high technology ROI.

Learn more about Acumatica’s usability

By downloading Acumatica’s free Whitepaper, It’s All About Design, you’ll learn:

  • How choosing a true cloud ERP solution opens the door to using any device you want and/or need
  • Why ERP usability should count as much as ERP functionality (and why your team will thank you)
  • The benefits of Acumatica, a true cloud ERP solution

In their ERP Technology Value Matrix 2019, Nucleus Research analysts proclaim that Acumatica is “setting the standard for usability in the market,” placing us as a Leader for the fourth year in a row based on usability and functionality.

They also write, “As it continues to aggressively expand its install-base, Acumatica is focused on ensuring that any technologies it deploys can deliver value to customers out of the box.”

Whether you’re in wholesale, manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, or project management, we believe a demonstration of Acumatica’s instant usability is a great idea. Our team is standing by.

Download the Whitepaper

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