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Manage all your eCommerce activities in one integrated suite for greater efficiency and profitability.

Manage eCommerce from a Single Dashboard

Your company can reach far more businesses by building and maintaining a robust online presence. But simply offering products and services on your website isn’t enough. Today’s business customers expect you to provide the same seamless customer experience they enjoy with their favorite consumer-oriented brands.

This means you can’t think of eCommerce as a separate business function. Instead, you must integrate it with everything else you do—and use the web as an extension and enhancement of the outstanding customer service you already strive to offer. But you can’t offer a seamless experience on the front end until you’ve eliminated the data siloes in your back office.

Acumatica Commerce Edition can help. It’s an integrated B2B eCommerce software platform that puts all your eCommerce activities at your fingertips. Instead of logging onto separate systems to work with inventory, shipping, returns, customer support, accounting, and your website, you can manage them all from one dashboard.

ERP for eCommerce: A Custom-Designed Solution

Most B2B companies sense the urgency to embrace eCommerce and are building out their web presence accordingly. But companies that do business on legacy ERP systems will always be at a disadvantage when it comes to eCommerce. Legacy ERP solutions often lack the adaptability to work well with today’s ever-changing web technology. Even building integrations and interfaces between legacy ERP and eCommerce solutions is a costly, short-sighted strategy because these enhancements tend to break every time one of the systems is upgraded.

By contrast, Acumatica Commerce Edition is truly ERP for eCommerce. It’s natively built cloud software that’s designed to integrate easily with the B2B eCommerce software that powers your online presence. By using one integrated platform to manage your front-office and back-office eCommerce activities, you can extend your advantage over competitors that are still struggling to gain a single view of their businesses.

ERP Integration with Magento

Want to integrate your eCommerce system with Magento 2 ERP? Acumatica Commerce Edition gives you the connection you need right out of the box. The Kensium Magento Connector ensures that data will remain synchronized between your Acumatica Commerce Edition platform and Magento. This ERP-Magento integration can save your staff countless hours of data entry while minimizing the risk of human error.

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How to Choose the Right Back-Office Solution for Magento
View this video from the Magento Imagine 2017 conference on “How To Choose The Right Back-Office Solution For Magento”. This is how the Magento website describes this session: “you will learn from eCommerce and ERP experts how to find the right solution to manage and improve your eCommerce operations. With the right ERP-Magento integrations in place, you can connect your warehouses, inventory, product details, CRM, and more -- allowing you to manage all operations from a single platform.”
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