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Clothing Retailer Funds ERP Software from Cost Savings
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for S&S Activewear
Chicago and Los Angeles
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S&S Activewear

  • Greater efficiency from saving two man hours a day
  • Cost savings from hiring one less person
  • Ease of integrating internal functionality
"I hate the fact that other ERPs nickel-and-dime me, and charge me every time we add a user or a piece of functionality. The fact that Acumatica is not licensed per-user, and includes a broad set of functionality at an affordable price, was very appealing to me."
Jim Beale, IT Manager
S&S Activewear
ERP Solution


S&S Activewear needed a system to easily integrate with existing business requirements for their next ERP.

ERP Solution

ERP Solution

A recommendation from a trusted colleague led them to Acumatica. Mr. Beale says: “I was told that it was a new company with a new product in a .NET environment, and with the kind of API functionality we were looking for.”

Ultimately, it was the API functionality that won the deal for Acumatica. “The API interface and import tools were very attractive to me when I was in the selection process,” says Mr. Beale.

They found Acumatica to be affordably priced. “Compared to what we were looking at for other systems, the price point was a plus,” says Mr. Beale.



S&S Activewear saved 2 hours a day by taking advantage of the advanced financial capabilities in Acumatica. The ability to deduct debit adjustments as a whole instead of having to apply them against specific AP Bills eliminated manual work.

The anytime, anywhere access that Acumatica enables also generated more cost savings. The company used to have accounts payable staff at both locations. Now, with all accounting work done in Chicago, the company has cut down its account payables staff to just two. “What we saved from the reduction in staff more than paid for the Acumatica system,” says Mr. Beale.

S&S Activewear was also impressed at Acumatica’s service quality and swift response when it came to responding to customer feedback. In one instance, Mr. Beale pointed out to Acumatica that in the vendor payment process, users would have to print a heap of check stubs if there were numerous transactions, because most accounting systems limit the number of transactions that can be put on one stub.

Says Mr. Beale: “Acumatica immediately saw that this was a situation other customers could also find themselves in, so they went and built that into the core system based on our feedback. That was very important to us.”

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