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2023: A Year of Milestones and Impact for Acumatica

If Acumatica had a theme for 2023, it would be “Community.” Highlighting all that Acumatica has done in the last year to grow and sustain our Community, Acumatica CEO John Case provides a year in review.
John Case | December 28, 2023

2023: A Year of Milestones and Impact for Acumatica


Like 2022, 2023 has been quite a year. Fluctuating inflation rates and ongoing global uncertainty continue to impact communities around the world, but exciting opportunities have also emerged as technology—such as generative AI, advanced robotics, and cloud computing—expand the possibilities for small and midsized businesses to grow on their own terms.

Building the Future of Business, Together

At Acumatica, we believe harnessing the power of technology and supporting businesses with our innovative cloud ERP software enables our customers to overcome unexpected challenges. We recognize, however, that technological advances should not exist in a vacuum but should instead be grounded in strong, clear principles that align with real-world needs.

By putting our Community first, we ensure that every decision we make is centered on what businesses need to thrive in this ever-changing economic environment. We have based our approach to product development on leveraging the latest technology, developing the most innovative capabilities, and delivering those features that address our customers’ most pressing needs—driven by their direct input and feedback. This is a manifestation of a Rallying Cry that unites our company and Community of partners, developers, and customers in “Building the Future of Business, Together.”

This Rallying Cry acknowledges that our vibrant Community is our source of strength, our differentiator in the market, and the reason that, in 2023, we saw the continued expansion of our partner ecosystem, an increase of customers and the ongoing growth of the company – evidenced by new office openings in Sri Lanka and Serbia as well as our move to a new Seattle-area office in 2024.

Thanks to the Acumatica Community, 2023 has been a success, and we’re confidently positioned for incredible growth in the year ahead. With 2024 just around the corner, I wanted to take time to look back and call out some highlights that underscore why Acumatica continues to be a cloud ERP leader.

Acumatica’s 2023 in Review

Annual Summit

Acumatica Summit 2023 was all about Community and connection as the Acumatica team—along with more than 2,500 customers, partners, creators, and industry analysts—explored the endless opportunities provided by innovative business technology. CMO Todd Wells, in his recap of last year’s Summit, wrote: “Over the past several years, we have evolved the Acumatica Summit to make it a vital place for connection. It’s where our Community members engage with and learn from one another. It’s where we showcase new innovations and share our vision for the future of business technology.”

In addition to deep dives into our product portfolio, sneak peeks at new product releases, and some 70 informative breakout sessions, Summit celebrated impressive customer successes during onstage customer interviews and panel discussions. It also recognized customers who have gone above and beyond within the Community, including Customer of the Year Avante Health Solutions and Impact Customer of the Year LifeSource.

It was a huge success, and the event planning team worked tirelessly to make Summit a welcoming, sustainable, and Community-led event. Their efforts were not only felt and appreciated by the thousands of attendees but also by the Globee® Business Awards. Acumatica Summit 2023 was crowned the “Event of the Year,” with Globee noting that Summit “achieved an unprecedented sense of community.”

More information about Acumatica Summit 2023 is available in the Day One and Day Two press releases.

Putting Customers First

From the moment Acumatica entered the cloud ERP market, it set itself apart from its competitors, providing businesses with a flexible, intuitive, and affordable solution resting on advanced cloud and mobile technology. Our industry-leading business management software offered our customers not only much-needed agility but also the ability to grow—and grow on their own terms.

Through the years, we’ve put customers at the forefront of everything we do, and this was nowhere more evident than in our 2019 publication of the industry’s first-ever Customer Bill of Rights. In 2023, we updated that Customer Bill of Rights, cementing our commitment to delivering a value-filled product with powerful support, the critical features needed to eliminate frustrating pain points, and no hidden costs.

Acumatica Product Releases

Acumatica’s twice-yearly product releases supply customers with the state-of-the-art features and functionalities today’s businesses expect from a modern business management solution. Each release delivers thoughtful improvements based on customer input regarding their real-life challenges.

Acumatica 2023 R1 featured incredible ERP usability updates, including increased visibility with a preview mode in the side panel, a new hover feature that provides additional information without interrupting the user’s workflow, and an optimized approval process that allows users to receive another user’s approval requests over a predefined period. Platform improvements included the abilities to retrieve values in any language through OData, to enable additional workflow capabilities, and to automate with intelligence by triggering actions through Business Events. Industry-specific features catered to the needs of Acumatica distributors, retailers, commerce merchants, manufacturers, contractors, and service organizations.

With Acumatica 2023 R2, customers welcomed a number of benefits revolving around intelligent technology, best-in-class applications, unified Finance and CRM features, and tailored industry capabilities. Acumatica Payments is helping businesses enhance cash flow and streamline payment processes and is automatically available to customers who use the Always Current Program. Other updates included connecting Acumatica to Amazon’s Seller Central Marketplace (supporting Fulfilled by Amazon and Merchant-Fulfilled Network delivery models); Shopify’s new B2B ecommerce functionalities; new web endpoints for Acumatica’s Product Configurator; a consolidated account reconciliation retainage invoicing feature; and a new Manage Sales Allocation screen.

Awards and Recognition

Acumatica has, from day one, delivered an intuitive, cloud-based business management solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses succeed in a dynamic and digital world. Over the years, our efforts have been recognized by leading ERP industry organizations, publications, analysts, and users—something we deeply appreciate and use as additional motivation to continue driving our innovative solution forward.

Washington State’s Best Companies to Work for (Seattle Business Magazine, January 2023)


  • Best Usability among Mid-Market ERP Systems (Spring 2023)
  • Best Relationship among Mid-Market ERP Systems (Spring 2023)
  • Momentum Leader for ERP Systems (Fall 2023)
  • Small-Business Grid Report Leader for ERP Systems (Fall 2023)
  • 1 in Mid-Market Relationship Index for Accounting, Momentum Grid Report for Distribution ERP, Relationship Index for Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Relationship Index for Project-Based ERP, and Small-Business Usability Index for Distribution ERP (Fall 2023)


  • “Visionary” Rating

Software Reviews Report

  • Acumatica ranked in the top 5 of every category.

Nucleus Research



Construction Executive (CE)

  • CE Top Tech

Stratus Awards

  • Cloud Integrator

Spreading the News

Our customer-friendly business practices, growth-friendly licensing, and industry-specific solutions make Acumatica a leading cloud ERP vendor.  However, we may not be as well-known as some of the larger software vendors. To creatively spread the word, we have stepped up our outreach through extensive radio spots and airport advertisements.

We’ve also grown our sponsorship program, where we’ve had the opportunity to sponsor outstanding individuals, like golfers Jessica Korda, Lilia Vu, and race car drive Scott McLaughlin. They are amazing champions in their fields, and each is committed to excellence and to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. We’re excited to have these hard-working, dedicated, and high-performing athletes representing Acumatica and to have the opportunity to support their many achievements to come.

Our Values: AcumatiCares

AcumatiCares is our premier program through which we promote our sustainability efforts. We’re passionate about reducing our environmental impact and cheerleading sustainable business practices through our many DEI initiatives.

Making this world a better, more inclusive place is something we strive to do every day, and it begins with creating a cloud-based product, offsetting our operational footprint, and making our annual Summit an environmentally friendly event. It also begins with creating a culture of equality and inclusivity, and the Women in Tech (WiT) Community is a perfect example.

Hope for 2024

As we open the door to 2024, my hope is for a year that’s filled with personal and professional success for the Acumatica Community, and we continue our part in pursing measures that make our lives—and the lives of others—better.

I also hope to see so many of you in the Acumatica Community at  Summit 2024 in Las Vegas. (January 28 – 31, 2024). It will be three full days of expanded opportunities for networking, connecting, learning, and celebrating, and it will be the place where we can continue working together to make a difference.

For questions about our cloud ERP software or to schedule a demonstration, contact our experts today.


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