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Acumatica's Native Integration with Shopify, Shopify POS and B2B on Shopify

Import Shopify orders along with orders from other online channels, automate stock allocations, order management, inventory, financial, and CRM modules. Manage the entire customer lifecycle inside Shopify’s platform with native connectivity to Acumatica applications.

Open new channels by selling to individual consumers and business customers on one Shopify platform. Acumatica supports the key requirements for B2C and B2B selling models.

Why Choose Acumatica’s Native Integration with Shopify and Shopify POS?

Acumatica’s Native Integration with Shopify and Shopify POS is the first in the ERP industry to support Shopify’s new B2B features. A native connector integrating your Shopify eCommerce websites or Shopify POS with Acumatica financials, inventory, warehouse management, and product information, providing a flexible back-office system that grows with your company. Elevate your customers’ experience, gain greater insight into your business, and drive exponential revenue with a seamlessly integrated, commerce-enabled ERP platform from Acumatica and Shopify.
Whether selling to consumers (B2C) or corporate customers (B2B), the Shopify Plus platform connected to Acumatica’s Cloud ERP back-end allows you to sell in an omnichannel environment with full visibility into all orders and fulfillment statuses – across channels.

Key Benefits of Acumatica’s Native Integration with Shopify and Shopify POS

  • End to End Visibility

    Gain complete visibility into all transactions. Sync your back-office financials, sales orders, warehouse, and inventory to your Shopify storefronts for a completely seamless connection.

  • Streamlined Buying Process

    Delight customers with a streamlined buying process, including support for product variants and personalized products. Establish a blended Shopify webstore to handle both corporate (B2B) and consumer (B2C) sales within one storefront or give your B2B customers a distinct experience with their own dedicated buying platform.

  • Centralized Order Management

    Connect to as many Shopify stores as you need. Manage webstore, phone, and in-person orders all from one place within Acumatica and make them visible to buyers through the Shopify website.

  • Native Shopify integration

    Our Shopify integration is built into the Acumatica Retail Edition – no additional software or 3rd party applications to purchase. Enable users to pay via Shopify Payments from within Acumatica.

  • Manage Commerce Risk

    Within Acumatica, import and place a hold on orders which Shopify has deemed as risky/fraudulent with Shopify’s fraud analysis capability.

  • Secured Commerce Transactions

    Manage all financial transactions using industry best practices, including bank-level security and PCI compliance. User-level permissions assigned by the administrator restrict access to platform data.

Important Features of Acumatica’s Native Integration with Shopify and Shopify POS

Real-time Bi-directional Data

Transmit data bi-directionally between your Shopify front-end and Acumatica back-office software as orders are placed, and your financials are updated. Give your buyers access to past orders of all types (online or offline) within Shopify’s My Account area. Allow customers to see history and ordering information on the Shopify platform to simplify repeat sales and activity reporting.

Product Information Sync

Display real-time product information, such as title, description, category, price, images, available inventory levels (per store), and metadata.

Order Synchronization

Shopify eCommerce and Shopify POS orders are automatically aligned between Shopify and Acumatica.

Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions created in Shopify will synchronize to order lines in Acumatica Sales Orders.

Shopify POS

Configure import settings for Shopify POS transactions for in-store sales integration.

Export Select Data

Export only preferred item and customer data to your storefront using customizable filters.

Synchronize Shipments

During shipment synchronization with Shopify, a separate shipment and tracking number are created in the online store for each box in the shipment.

Manage Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

Process Returns and Refunds in Shopify, and those updates will be reflected in Acumatica’s financial system. Directly import exchanges to Acumatica from a Shopify POS order for the same product at the same price or for another product at the same or different price.


Encourage customers to personalize items with engraving, artwork, or other custom additions.

Multiple Shopify Stores

Connect Acumatica to as many Shopify stores as you operate. Manage the flow of data to and from each store separately, or treat them all the same.

Additional Features of Acumatica’s Native Integration with B2B on Shopify

B2B Customer Hierarchy

When selling to businesses, your customer’s are companies with multiple buyers. Maintain your customer’s buyer hierarchy for better accounting and reporting.

B2B Customer Specific Pricing

Ensure your customer’s see their appropriate pricing in Shopify. Establish flexible customer-specific pricing in Acumatica and sync to your Shopify site. Pricing can be based on a variety of parameters – unique pricing per customer, location, customer tiers, etc.

Include P.O. Number on Sales Order

Capture the customer’s purchase order number right on the sales order for ease of reference and expedited bill payment.

Product Catalogs

Export only preferred item and customer data to your storefront using customizable filters, based on each customer’s log-in.

Flexible Payment Options during Checkout

Allow customers to checkout with flexible B2B payment options such as Customer Account Terms.

Segment Shopify Stores

Develop a common (blended) Shopify store to serve B2B, B2C, and DTC buyers together, or build separate, dedicated storefronts for corporate and consumer (end-user) customers.

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"Acumatica has really allowed us to focus on our business—which is selling shoes—instead of focusing on IT and development."
Ryan Schlachter, President
"When we switched to Acumatica, it really created a seamless experience for our consumer, because our data accuracy, our inventory, and the way we communicated with our customers was in one spot and created a single source of truth."
Amanda Datte, CFO
Clive Coffee

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