Acumatica ERP Manufacturing Edition for High-Tech Manufacturers

Shorten time to market, capitalize on product life cycles, and optimize pricing with dashboards and business intelligence (BI)

How Manufacturing Edition software can work for you

Manufacturing electronics, instruments, optics, and other sophisticated products requires complex manufacturing processes—and competitive business processes. Supporting them requires agile decision-making based on personalized reports with drill down into the details. Plus, this information needs to be available around the clock on PCs and mobile devices—without requiring per user licensing fees. Acumatica supports customer orders from quotes, schedules, eCommerce, EDI, and other methods, and provides a complete multi-business distribution, costing, and finance system to manage them. It also supports long production runs with routine ECNs, or short runs for prototypes—all scheduled on the same production resources.

Key benefits of Manufacturing Edition for your high-tech manufacturing company

  • Scheduling flexibility

    Use advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and a master production schedule (MPS) with material requirements planning (MRP) or a hybrid approach to improve responsiveness and maximize capacity utilization.

  • Collaboration in supply chain management

    Equip customers and suppliers with secure, cloud access to the information they need to streamline costs and support offshore business needs such as contract manufacturing.

  • Packaging and kitting

    Match customer requirements during manufacturing or at time of order from your finished goods inventory, improving responsiveness and reducing lead times.

See what Acumatica customers are saying

"Acumatica is bringing functionality to the small/medium business sector that was out of reach budget-wise four years ago."
Scott Starkweather, President
Boulder Creek Stone
"For us, the power of the Acumatica system is in the WMS and shop floor data collection, the inventory management, the ability to deliver to a customer and to get things right."
Ben Leinster, CEO

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