Acumatica Virtual Developer Conference 2019

Acumatica Cloud xRP Summit 2019

Our 3rd annual Virtual Developer Conference has come to a close.  We are very pleased with the turnout and positive feedback we received.  If you missed it, don’t worry we recorded all the sessions which are available to view now.  The presentations are hyper-linked in each of the presentation descriptions below.  Just expand the session you are interested in and click on the link. Some presentations will have sample code available to you as well and will be found along with the presentation slides. To view any of the sessions, simply click on the View Recordings Now! button above.

As is the case for all of our developer-focused events, we offered the fundamentals of the platform as well as advanced sessions, always trying to push ourselves to offer the most up-to-date and newest content possible. We had a nice mix of speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise with our community of developers – Acumatica developer engineers and other subject matter experts as well as a few of our Acumatica Developer MVPs  from JAAS, Kensium, ASI, and Crestwood.

The Acumatica Cloud xRP Summit is an annual two half-day virtual developer conference that provides our developer community with the deep knowledge they need to fully utilize Acumatica’s cloud xRP platform. This year’s event included Sergey Marenich’s popular session that focused on the Acumatica cloud xRP framework with a fresh take that inspired both experienced and new Acumatica developers. Brand-new sessions on Day 1 ranged from walking developers through the application design process to an overview on Acumatica Reporting and Acumatica’s multi-currency functionality. Day 2 covered Acumatica’s database schema, application certification, modern developer practices, updating your codebase with FBQL, and more.

The “more” included a look at Acumatica’s developer roadmap, which may be one of our most popular sessions. Attendees got to hear what’s changed since our last Summit and what updates are on the horizon.

For more detail on each session we offered, please expand the sessions listed below.


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All times are in the Pacific Time Zone.
There will be a 10 minute break every hour – two per day.  At the end of the conference, we will do a final wrap-up and cover the next steps going forward.

Day 1 — Wednesday, June 19th

09:00 am – Kick-off & Welcome

Duration: 10 min
Speaker: Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

Slides: 2019 Acumatica DevCon – KickOff

We’ll have a short introduction to the event setting the stage with an overview of the agenda.

09:10 am – xRP Framework Fundamentals & Best Practices

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Sergey Marenich

Slides: xRP Framework

Although the topic is fundamental and has been presented in numerous events over the past several years, Sergey has taken on the task of designing a fresh and entirely new presentation, injecting his first-hand experience in actively working with the xRP Framework for over 12 years.  Whether you have been working with the framework from it’s inception or just started to dig into it, this is sure to be one of the best sessions of the event.  You won’t want to miss it.

10:20 am – Application Solution Architecture

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Dmitry Naumov

Slides: Application Solution Architecture Final

In this brand new session, Dmitry will provide you some sage advice on how to approach application design and what to consider before you start your development efforts.  He will enumerate a common list of issues that partners building solutions have faced in building their solutions on the Acumatica xRP Platform, including what pitfalls to avoid during the development process.  Lastly, the importance of regression testing, purging old functions from your code, approaches to issue investigation, and version upgrades will be covered briefly.

10:50 am – Source Control & Automation for Acumatica Developers

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Brendan Hennelly

Slides: 2019 Acumatica DevCon Source Control Automation
Sample Code: GitHub – Source Control Demo

One of our Developer MVP – who just happened to have been recently awarded Acumatica Developer of the Year – will cover how to effectively manage & control your Acumatica application code.  This is a high-demand topic that all Acumatica developers will benefit from Brendan’s experience in managing Acumatica application source code over the years at JAAS Systems.

11:30 am – Reporting Tools, Tips, and Best Practices

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Mikhail Rysev

Slides: Reporting Tools, Tips, and Best Practices

Another brand new session we are offering on Acumatica Reporting.  Mikhail will provide an overview of the reporting infrastructure from a developer perspective as well as demonstrate tools and tips you can use in building effective reports for your applications out of the box or for your customers as needed.

12:40 pm – Implementing Multi-Currency Support for Custom Solutions

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Joshua van Hoesen

In this brand new Session, Josh will provide an overview of Acumatica’s multi-Currency functionality within the framework with a focus on data structures and technical workflow. The first half will comprise a review of how Acumatica tracks and converts currency rates within the system and provide sample implementation of how this may be accomplished for custom data entry screens. The second half entails a review of multi-currency support native on projects in 2019 R1 and how similar functionality can be implemented for ISV defined master files.

1:10 pm - Unit Testing Framework

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Andrew Boulanov

Slides: 2019 Acumatica DevCon Unit Tests
Sample Code: TestSample

This is a late addition to the conference we are squeezing in at the end of day one. We are releasing the new Unit Test Framework for 2019 R1 the week of the DevCon.  Andrew will provide short overview and demonstrate the new features available in the release.  Please note that there have been a number of new features added since our unveiling of the test framework at this year’s summit.

Day 2 — Thursday, June 20th

09:00 am – Database Schema Overview

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Dmitry Naumov

Slides: Database Schema Final

Although it is possible to more or less reverse engineer our database schema, we have hesitated to provide documented detail of our schema for good reason since there is inherent risk to the system as inexperienced developers can cause themselves and their customers a lot of pain if they mess with the schema in unsupported ways, etc.  Nonetheless, developers have been asking for information on our schema for quite some time and we feel its time to share some of this information and some guidance in working with the schema in a responsible manner.

09:30 am – Application Certification

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Ruslan Devyatko

Slides: Application Certification

As the number of organizations choosing Acumatica as their ERP system continues to grow, it becomes more important to extend the core Acumatica ERP functionality with the expert depth and specific vertical features from an ISV ecosystem. With our improved ISV solution certification program, we are targeting to give the market the assurance that ISV solutions built for Acumatica ERP ensure a high standard and meet all technical requirements. During this session, you will know about the three general categories of ISV solutions, as well as get an overview of requirements, test methodology and the new set of automated tools, which will help you to prepare your solutions for our improved certification program.

10:10 am – Modern Developer Practices

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Stanislav Lesin

Developers are often tasked in taking on new development projects as well as maintaining multiple versions of their application code.  It is important not only to keep up with new technologies to leverage, but also to keep up with modern developer practices to improve efficiency, coding & maintenance best practices to stabilize existing code bases and developing new applications.  Stanislav, in his session will provide an overview of modern developer practices you can take advantage of going forward. Some examples will be covering the usage of PK/FK, FBQL, BQLTemplate, FieldEditRestrictor and AttributeAdjuster usages, and also other minor techniques such as GlobalCache, CustomPredicate, FunctionResultMemorizing and so on.

11:20 am – Updating your Codebase with FBQL

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Yuriy Zaletskyy

Slides: 2019 Acumatica DevCon F-BQL

Although we covered this topic in some depth in our developer track at this past year’s Acumatica Summit, Kensium was interested in sharing their first-hand experience in using the new Fluent Business Query Language as well as demonstrate some real performance data improvements you will likely see by injecting it in your existing code base.

11:50 am – What to Expect from Participating in Acumatica's Developer Community

Duration: 10 min
Speakers: Mark Franks & Joe Jacob

Slides: What to Expect from community – final

In this brief session, Mark Franks, who is responsible for Acumatica’s developer community will present with Joe Jacob – an Acumatica MVP – on how to become part of our active developer community as well as how you can make a difference by joining us.  Joe will share his experiences and the benefits he has seen firsthand to give you a sense of what you will find by becoming an active participant in Acumatica’s developer community.

12:00 pm – Developer Roadmap

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Mike Chtchelkonogov

Slides: DevCon Developer Roadmap

Learn about our plans for Acumatica’s Cloud ERP product & platform. Mike will provide a review of what our engineering teams are currently working on today – as well as provide an overview of what we’ve recently made generally available, are still developing & testing, or are no longer developing. And lastly, learn more about the types of updates you can expect to find on the Acumatica Cloud Platform in the upcoming months.


Krishnamoorthy Ajoy
Chtchelkonogov Mike
Boulanov Andrew
Marenich Sergey
Devyatko Ruslan
Zaletskyy Yuriy
van Hoesen  Joshua
Jacob Joe
Hennelly Brendan
Franks Mark
Naumov Dmitry
Lesin Stanislav
Rysev Mikhail