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HammerTech Compliance, Risk and Safety Management

HammerTech’s CRS Control Tower integrates Compliance, Risk and Safety from the field into Finance, Project Management and Schedule, reducing project costs up to 19%.

Owners gain compliance, risk and safety visibility directly from the field.
Contractors win more work, qualify and reduce risk with trade partners.
Workers increase productivity and gain time back while increasing safety.

Gain real-time Jobsite IQ to prevent delays, reduce incidents, claims and insurance costs. Powerful reports and PowerBI dashboards populate inspections, incidents, orientations, permits, labor hours and trade compliance scores. Improve forecasts for scheduling, project management, and finance with HammerTech helping you win work and grow your business.

Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics - Including labor hours, leading, lagging and trend insights. Unite teams to reduce delays and increase profit.
  • Mobile Cloud-based Platform & Offline Apps - Give teams more time in the field and less in the office
  • Integrations and Partner Marketplace - Save time, reduce duplication and elevate standards
  • Structured Implementation - Empower your teams and get return on investment sooner.

About HammerTech

Over 1 million+ workers are enrolled in the HammerTech platform by leading owners, engineers, and contractors. Each day over 100,000 workers sign-in worldwide, supporting a combined $100 Billion in annual construction volume.

HammerTech is the number one choice in construction for compliance, risk and safety for improved productivity and increased profits.

Founded in 2015, the HammerTech platform, empowers leading construction companies around the world with central safety and job site operations including: Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Europe.


CRS Control Tower Overview


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