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Watch: Acumatica 6 Technology Updates – Localization

Doug Johnson | September 22, 2016

In today’s global business world, sending information, reports and invoices in people’s native language is key. It doesn’t make sense to do business in just one language. If you have a global audience, you need to be able to support a multitude of languages, date formats, and number formats in your ERP platform.

Watch: Acumatica 6 Technology Updates - Localization

Among the technology updates in Acumatica 6 is a multi-language feature. If you live in Quebec, you are required to produce an invoice in both English and French. Or if you’ve got an international presentation coming up, convert your reports to Spanish. Acumatica 6 enables both of these examples.

So how does the new language features work? Watch our video to find out.

Translation support for screens, reports, and invoices

With Acumatica 6, you can display screens in whatever language you want, including labels, error messages, prompts, and even data field values.  And the localization features are specific to context, so translation features are both easy and smooth.

When you use Acumatica reporting tools all report output including data field values are presented in the language preferred by your customer, vendor, or user. If you’ve already indicated a client’s location in Japan, sales reports or invoices for that company will always generate in Japanese. Acumatica 6 also supports double-byte characters (found in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and right-to-left languages (such as Urdu, Arabic, or Hebrew).

Administrator authorization is simple to grant, and control over language settings is maximally customizable. You can do a search for “manufacturing” and turn all instances of it into “fabrico” for your Portuguese-speaking users. It really is that easy.

User locale settings adapted to language settings

If you’ve switched to Italian, currency will automatically display with commas instead of periods for the decimal point. If you’re in the United Kingdom, the date will show the day before the month. This is also how, if you’re an American overseas on the Fourth of July, you will know not to take umbrage when you see 4/7/2017. On a more serious note, date formatting would be a silly thing to forget when it can make such an impression of courtesy on a client.

Acumatica 6 takes care of all those date and currency conversions for you. Many Acumatica customers use the translation engine to reflect company specific vernacular. For example, a “project” in one company might be known as a “job” in another. Acumatica helps your team speak the same language.

Simple translation outsourcing

Acumatica includes tools to collect all displayed data, including error messages and other data that may be hidden from view so you capture all words that need to be translated. After collecting the information, import and export capabilities make it easy to send the data to a translation agency or industry specialist.

Cloud computing with Acumatica 6 makes the other side of the world feel like right next door. And it’s more than just good business to greet your neighbors in their language—it signifies that you’re a worthwhile member of the global network.

Want to see some more awesome technology updates that you can find in Acumatica 6? Ask for a free demo. You can also check out the productivity and analytics updates in our new platform.

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