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Swissphone Achieves 50% Increases in Time Savings with Acumatica Cloud ERP

January 22, 2013

Kirkland, WA, January 22, 2013 – When you’re Swissphone, the global market leader for complete alerting solutions for saving lives, it’s no secret that time, reliability and responsiveness are your competitive advantages.

When Swissphone’s U.S. subsidiary, which supplies analog and digital paging devices used for emergency events to volunteer fire departments in America began to experience slowdowns an untimely interruptions in their daily routines, it became painfully obvious it was time to select a new ERP system.

”A reliable ERP system is very important to an emergency communications business like ours”, said Chris Haag, Swissphone. “If our systems don’t run properly because our server is down, our customers and employees become frustrated. We have a repair turnaround time that is above our competition. This is crucial for our reputation among our customers and that is something we must keep. Having a system delaying the processing of orders is something we cannot have.”

“There were even several occasions when power outages struck at the data center where the server was located, crippling the business. “We could not input an order, get an order out or even look up a customer,” says Haag. “It got to a point where we got very frustrated with dealing with issues every single day. It was causing too much downtime. We started investigating cloud-based ERPs and we decided to make the switch.”

Swissphone evaluated several cloud ERP systems, and ultimately chose to go with Acumatica. “Their decision to go with Acumatica was motivated by much more than its cloud technology,” said Robert Houdeshell, President of Strata ERP, a Colorado-based Acumatica partner. “Swissphone needed an entire distribution system, and Acumatica offered this in a fully-optimized cloud ERP environment.” With the support of Strata ERP, Swissphone switched over to the new Acumatica ERP system in just under three months.

“The transition was a lot easier than I expected,” said Swissphone’s Haag. “Now, our ERP is running smoothly, it’s more reliable and it’s easier to customize. Acumatica is ideal for us.”

Another benefit is how third-party add-ons integrate with Acumatica. While Swissphone used to have the hassle of implementing and using separate systems and tools for shipping, credit card processing and business intelligence, all this is built into Acumatica. Houdeshell says: “It allows you to automate key workflow processes without paying for individual user licenses. With Acumatica, they get what they need, and Swissphone saves money in the process.”

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