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For most businesses sales tax is an obligatory, complex nightmare. Automating this process saves time, money and effort. Avalara AvaTax dynamically delivers instantaneous sales tax decisions based on precise geo-location in more than 11,000 taxing jurisdictions. The system automatically considers hundreds of thousands of taxability rules and the latest jurisdiction boundaries to deliver the right rate and tax calculation, every time.

AvaTax removes the guesswork by integrating seamlessly with existing business systems from ERP, financial, and billing systems to eCommerce shopping carts and Point of Sale systems. Rates are calculated “behind the scenes” and automatically applied to each transaction. As your business continues to grow, AvaTax is built to grow with you. This cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs and eliminates additional hardware costs.

Key features

  • Pre-built integrations to 500+ ERP, point of sales and ecommerce systems.
  • A one-and-done option for nexus and taxability requirements in all states.
  • Guaranteed protection against audit, obsolete data, or outdated tax laws
  • Real time tax rate calculations for all 12,000 taxing jurisdictions.
  • One tax schedule instead of hundreds or thousands.
  • The highest service satisfaction. 98.5% customer renewal rate.
  • Automated solutions for all your tax compliance needs.

Benefits for Your Business

Avalara Sales Tax Overview

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About Avalara

Avalara is a leading provider of cloud-based software that delivers a broad array of compliance solutions related to sales tax. Sales tax compliance can be difficult, expensive and time consuming, and businesses can face stiff penalties if they don’t get it right.

Avalara works within your own financial, billing, ecommerce, or point of sale systems to automate manual processes, delivering cloud-based compliance services that are fast, easy, accurate, and affordable.

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