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FYISoft (formerly Renovo Corporation) was founded in 2012 to provide innovative financial reporting solutions that enable companies to gain accurate insight into their corporate finances – wherever, whenever, and however their business needs dictate. FYISoft’s solutions are browser-based and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Our goal is to simplify even the most complex financial environments by enabling on-demand reporting, easy integration with virtually all general ledger systems, and multi-company consolidations with different currencies, account numbers, and calendars. The leadership team has decades of experience in areas such as enterprise resource planning, finance and accounting, and information technology.

Financial Reporting

FYISoft enables not only fast, accurate and actionable financial reporting, but also the ability to remain proactive and competitive amidst changing business, market and regulatory demands. FYISoft empowers you to generate, package, and distribute reports faster – allowing additional time for review and analysis. Enable your staff to gain the insight needed to run your business more efficiently, while empowering them to drill down into transaction details and perform their own analysis.

Management Reporting

FYISoft understands your crucial role in providing management with the useful data they need to make well-informed and timely decisions to achieve business goals and objectives. Reports can be easily customized for content, format and delivery methods. The distribution of reports can be automated to save hours of time and ensure that users receive only those reports they are authorized to view. Reports can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere, through any device; management receives the data they want, when they need it.

Financial Consolidation

FYISoft makes consolidating data from different sources, locations and currencies quick and easy. FYIsoft integrates with any general ledger system (or Excel) to import and standardize data, and automate the creation of beautifully formatted, consolidated reports. We provide a global picture of corporate financial performance for multiple companies or lines of business. FYISoft can translate multi-national balances into a single currency (or multiple currencies, if desired).

Close Management and Reconcilation

Business needs are getting more complex yet the time allotment for period closes and reconciliation is shrinking. FYISoft enables you to automate and close reconciliation processes, and deliver accurate, timely financial reports. Complete your peroid close process in hours versus days or weeks, allowing sufficient time for analysis and any needed adjustments. Aggregate fragmented data into a single source for easier reconciliation, and avoid costly mistakes by automating key close processes and workflows.

Report Distribution

FYISoft provides secure financial report distribution that saves your team hours, days, even weeks. Users can access and analyze reports 24/7 but cannot change the data, protecting the integrity of your financials. Distribution lists are easy to setup and maintain, speeding the process to distribute based on any number of parameters such as permissions, departments and locations. Interactive, cloud reports can be delivered via URL link, enabling users to drill down and see transaction details – which can save your team hours of time by answering all of their questions. Flexibility is offered to slice and dice reports any way your business needs dictate.

Key features

  • Anytime, Anywhere Report Access
  • Advanced Report Distribution
  • Currency Translation
  • Presentation-Quality Reports
  • User-Friendly Report Concepts
  • Audit Ability for Increased Accuracy
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Drill-Down Functionality to Transaction Details
  • Side-by-Side Balance Sheets
  • GL Integration
  • Custom Security Controls
  • FRx Report Conversion
  • Fast and Easy Distribution of Reports
  • Customized Reports by User

Industry Served

  • Cross industries

About FYIsoft, Inc.

Founded in 2013, FYIsoft is focused on simplifying even the most complex financial environments with innovative software designed to enable fast, accurate, perfectly formatted financial reports – accessible 24/7 wherever, whenever business needs dictate. With over 8,500 finance professionals around the world relying on FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software, the company is quickly emerging as a leading force in the Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) space. FYIsoft’s solutions can be deployed directly or through strategic partners – in the cloud or on-premises – and can include an innovative financial report writer, a flexible, general ledger integration tool, and a currency translation module for multi-national companies. The talented team behind FYIsoft has decades of experience in areas including enterprise resource planning, finance and accounting, and information technology. Formerly known as Renovo Corporation, FYIsoft is headquartered in Naples, Florida with customers and partners around the globe benefitting from our commitment to: embrace a customer-first approach, apply the highest standards to our products and services, provide a great working environment, treat each other with respect and dignity.

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