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AcuCademy is a self-paced, online training solution for Acumatica ERP. We believe that Acumatica customers should have access to in-depth, end-user training courseware at their convenience. Moving to the Cloud ERP is an exciting time for a business, and AcuCademy is here to facilitate your transition. We break instruction down into small digestible pieces embedded into engaging courses that can be viewed from any web browser, making training just as accessible as your ERP. You’ll find hundreds of instructional videos that are organized into 12 courses, including various hands-on practice activities, hints and quizzes.

Industry Served:
All industries

Key features

  • Acumatica Training for All End-Users

  • Courses on Configuration and Setup

  • Bite-Sized Video Instruction

  • Hands-On Practice Activities

  • Admin User Access

  • Short Quizzes to Assess Learners

  • Single Sign-On

  • Embedded etraining into Acumatica UI

  • Mobile Training

Benefits for Your Business

Learn Acumatica on your Terms

AcuCademy was created to solve a problem. Our parent company, Accounting System Integrators, has been developing and implementing software solutions for accounting products for over 25 years. However, we’ve always recognized how difficult it can be to carve out time in everyone’s busy schedule to learn how to use even the most basic functions of complex ERP software. In the midst of data migration, configuration and business strategy, training is often left as a sidebar task. We’ve been there, and most likely you have, too. Sometimes, the cost of on-site training vs the perceived benefit can inhibit organizations from requesting more partner services that very well may be needed.

How We Help

AcuCademy helps organizations train in Acumatica ERP by making the process human again. Enterprise software training often leans on instruction has been created for the masses, which can cause a user to feel disconnected and overwhelmed. AcuCademy, on the other hand, guides users through a learning process where one can learn both basic and advanced features of Acumatica ERP in an environment that can be tailored to any individual’s role within the company.

Our Process

We’ve taken what we know about how humans learn and retain information and applied it to ERP software. Learning is less of an action and more of a process, so we’ve created a sequence of activities to guide users to authentic learning. This learning can take place well before implementation occurs, allowing everyone in the organization to be well oriented with Acumatica before going live. What does a course look like in AcuCademy? There are 3 parts to the AcuCademy process:

Courses are made up of the following:

  • Guiding Questions: Each lesson starts with a question that the learner will be able to answer in detail by the end of the lesson. For example, How do I enter my time into Time Card?
  • Instructional Videos: Our instructional videos include direct explanations and screencasts of Acumatica ERP. We believe in chunking instruction into bite sized videos for easy ERP digestion. Our videos are never over 5 minutes in length, so users can train in Acumatica ERP even if they only have a few minutes at the beginning or end of the day. Our courses cover a variety of material, so you’ll find videos on topics as general as exporting data into excel or as complicated as creating notification templates.
  • Proof of Learning: Before advancing onto a new lesson, learners must either 1) wait a determined amount of time or 2) correctly answer a question concerning the lesson material. By doing so, learners are aware of their own progress throughout a course. We also have created section quizzes, where users can prove their understanding of a small grouping of lessons put together. We believe in assessing our learners frequently and in small spurts, so there is no need to pass a cumbersome exam before receiving a course certificate. Supervisors can have administrative access to view their learners’ progress and encourage involvement.

A Valuable Resource

Historically, once on-site training has taken place, organizations have been left to conduct future training on their own. Once you pass a course in AcuCademy, you retain the course materials as a resource for the life of your subscription. Even the best ERP software, like Acumatica, can be incredibly complex due to its depth in capability and functionality to run your business more efficiently. Remember, learning is a process, and the final step is to remediate, reteach and relearn.

Enhancing your ERP Experience

Try our flagship Acumatica Basics course today for free. You’ll see how the basic functions of AcuCademy work as well as learn a little bit more about Acumatica ERP. Click here to enroll in the free course.

Contact your Acumatica Partner today to learn more about purchasing AcuCademy for your organization. eTraining is not a one-size fits all solution, but we’ve developed packages for unlimited access to AcuCademy that are appropriate for your selection and size of Acumatica ERP.

Current Course Offerings

  • Core Acumatica Training
    • Acumatica Basics
    • Company Setup
    • Organization Structure
    • General Ledger
    • Cash Management
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Time and Expense
    • NonProfitPlus Accounting Suite
    • Email and Notification Management
  • Distribution Courses
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Requisition Management
    • Inventory (Coming soon)
    • Sales Orders (Coming soon)

About AcuCademy

AcuCademy is a self-paced, eTraining platform for end users of Acumatica ERP. Our turnkey eLearning solution helps partners manage implementations while providing reinforcement and a first line of support after go-live.

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