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VLOG: Smart Panels Come to Mobile App in 2021 R1

Brian Stevens | June 22, 2021

I would like to share with our developer community one of the more important features/tools that assist us to more easily integrate Acumatica Cloud ERP into the natural flow of work – Smart Panels. This feature enables pop-up interaction with the user to collect input that controls the result of the action performed.

A couple of simple use-case examples is allowing a user to indicate label size in a label printing process or prompting for customer identification during a product return. This facilitates interaction with the end-user to help guide them through a process. In this way, Smart Panels transform Acumatica ERP into a process-friendly extension of the physical world rather than an inconvenient interruption. Until recently, the Mobile app has not supported smart panels. This resulted in awkward workarounds for user interaction. In many cases, users completely abandon the mobile app in lieu of the full-featured website that can be used on most mobile web browsers. With Acumatica 2021R1, that changes. The practical application of Acumatica as an app on the mobile device now allows for extending existing Smart Panels natively into the mobile app via “low-code” in a customization project.

Click below to watch the video blog and be sure to scroll down for all the code discussed in the VLOG.

GISTs with all the code snippets discussed in the video

ASPX for the Smart Panel – the IN202500 screen

And lastly, here is the GIT Repository for the entire project:


Happy Coding!

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