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Acumatica Certified Application
2017 R2

CADTalk for Acumatica is a CAD/PDM/PLM integration tool that eliminates the manual transfer of data from CAD/PDM/PLM software into Acumatica. This eliminates redundancy, cuts lead to production, and reduces BOM errors. CADTalk will allow for the creation of new items and full BOM information if not already existing in Acumatica, or allow users to update, revise, or manipulate existing information. Very often companies can implement the basics and get a big benefit within hours!

What makes CADTalk a Unique CAD/PDM/PLM Integration is our deep understanding of ERP and its implementation, as well as the challenges of engineer-to-order companies. We have forged great partnerships with all of the major CAD/PDM/PLM vendors as well as the ERP vendors that are known for innovation. Our goal is to provide the very best CAD/PDM/PLM integration experience on the planet. To do that, we provide deep and robust integrations that can be configured for the customer’s needs instead of custom software that is hard to maintain and costly for the customer.

Key features

  • Significant reduction in manufacturing lead time
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Increases data integrity and BOM accuracy
  • Ongoing support for future CAD/PDM/PLM and Acumatica version releases
  • Delivered and supported by a Certified Acumatica Partner

Benefits for Your Business

CADTalk- CAD integration with ERP software

Industry Served

About CADTalk

CADTalk is based in the greater Cincinnati area and has been providing CAD to ERP integration and implementation since 2005. The founding partners at CADTalk started their careers as engineers and were quickly pulled into a major ERP implementation project. During that time they identified that there was a large gap between the tools the engineers used and the ERP system used by the rest of the company. During that initial integration the seeds of what would later become CADTalk were sown. They were able to reduce the amount of time required to enter BOMs manually by more than 80 percent. Since then, CADTalk was started with the vision of extending this great tool to more users. It has grown to be a world-class CAD integration solution with customers on five continents around the world.

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