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SourceDay Purchase Order Management
SourceDay - SourceDay Purchase Order Management

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SourceDay is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that automates purchase order management processes by seamlessly integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. SourceDay extends ERP purchasing capabilities by centralizing and managing the PO lifecycle for buyers and suppliers to eliminate manual processes while improving supplier performance. SourceDay is targeted at manufacturing and distribution companies that use ERP systems to manage direct spend. By using SourceDay, customers can improve on-time supplier-provided material by 35% on average.

Key features

  • Automated Purchase Order System: Streamline and manage the entire PO lifecycle while improving buyer-supplier collaboration.
  • Document Control: Store all documents centrally and track confirmations and revisions on one screen.
  • Request for Quote: Easily build and send RFQs to multiple suppliers, monitor status and manage the process in one place
  • Supplier Scorecard: Measure supplier performance in real time and communicate scores with vendors with a single email.
  • ASNs: Standardize how materials are received using customer approved barcodes.
  • Minimal IT Involvement: Short 2-6 hour integration to ERP systems with user onboarding, set-up, training, and support is 100% managed by SourceDay.

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About SourceDay

SourceDay is the only purchase order management software specifically made to solve the most common challenges manufacturers and distributors face in managing their direct spend. Developed by a team of manufacturing professional, SourceDay helps integrate a company’ ERP system with the work that keeps its operations moving. Our solution centralizes and manages the PO lifecycle for buyers and suppliers. As a result, SourceDay eliminates manual processes and keeps buyers and suppliers communicating in real-time. No other software brings greater visibility into the PO lifecycle while reducing risk, costs, and delays. With as many complicated steps as SourceDay automates, out PO management software is remarkably simple, fast and affordable to implement.

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