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eSignature for Acumatica
“Plugin to Capture Digital Signatures”

eSignature is a Plugin for Acumatica, built to capture electronic signatures on Acumatica screens - used for Proof of Delivery, Sales Transactions, Project Completion, Field Service, Customer Acceptance and more. eSignature gives you a hassle-free, paperless route for accepting & maintaining a record of your signed documents.

The validity of signature captures as modes of acceptance are mandated by the United States Electronic Signatures, National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). The eSignature plugin complies with U.S. law for the validity of electronic signatures and is also compliant with HIPAA.

Validity of Electronic Signatures by U.S. Law (Requirements)
- Intent of Each Party to Sign
- Consent to do Business Electronically
- Association of the Signature with the Record
- Record Retention & Enablement for Accurate Reproduction of the Record/Contract for Reference by All Entitled Parties

The latest version of the eSignature plugin (2022) accepts digital signatures on new Acumatica screens and within the Acumatica screen. Signature captures are customizable for exposure on screens beside the standard screens listed below.

- Shipment (Screen Id: SO302000)
- Sales Order (Screen Id: SO301000)
- Sales Invoices (Screen Id: SO303000)
- Opportunities (Screen Id: CR304000)
- Invoices & Memos (Screen Id: AR301000) New
- Field Service Order (Screen Id: FS300100) New
- Payments & Applications (Screen Id: AR302000) New
- Purchase Receipt (Screen Id: PO302000) New
+ Custom Screens ***

Industry Served
Cross industries
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Accept Electronic Signatures Natively within 8 Standard Acumatica Screens (Listed Above), and Customize Signature Captures on any other Screen.
  • Accept Signatures on Any Touchscreen Device created using your Fingers, a Stylus/Pen Interface or a Mouse. Integrate eSignature with Topaz Signature (Model T-S460) for Walk-in Customers.
  • Capture & Preview Multiple Signatures on a Document. You can also view Document Policies and Attach the Signatures as Files on Acumatica. Signed Documents can be Exposed/Accessed via the Business Portal.
  • Signatures Embedded on Printed Reports and Built-in Reports are Accessible from Every Signature Screen
  • Pricing is based on the Acumatica Resource Level & on the Number of Screens that Accept the eSignature. Accept Unlimited Signatures on Any Device, Anywhere, and Any Supporting Documents.
  • Integrated with Topaz Signature pad hardware device for walk-in customers at office location. Customers can sign on the signature pads and works with Topaz Model T-S460.
  • Use the eSignature plugin from anywhere in the World, from Any Touch Device. eSignature has been used widely in the U.S, Canada, Mexico & South Africa countries.
  • Accept digital Signatures on Custom Acumatica Screens*** We can customize to accept digital signature on your Acumatica custom screens.

About InfoSourcing

InfoSourcing Inc. is an Acumatica-certified partner and ISV. Based out of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., we serve all across the North American market. InfoSourcing has been partners with Acumatica for over 10+ years and has been recognized consecutively as an Acumatica MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

InfoSourcing provides Acumatica Implementation and Professional Services. Our eSignature plugin is compliant with the U.S. law for accepting Electronic Signatures and serves across Wholesale, Distribution, Retail & eCommerce markets.



eSignature Data Sheet


Customer Reviews

Tobi Michael, Mr.
G2S Tobeq Inc.
Great Feature For Proof of Pick-Up Capture
December 16th, 2022

Essential feature for our over the counter business where customers pick-up their orders from one of our warehouses. eSignature will capture a digital signature through a signature pad and log time and date details on when the signature was taken down to the second.

Barr, Michelle
Firefly Business Group
Works as advertised!
May 24th, 2021

Very easy to install and up and running quickly. We have the delivery drivers using this on a tablet in the field and it updates Acumatica beautifully!

Ferguson, Adam
Great Solution for Proof of Delivery Capture
October 5th, 2020

We have been an Acumatica customer for over 5 years now. We have many customizations and additional solutions in our environment. We have leveraged eSignature to capture comments, survey question answers, and signature upon product delivery to our customers. Customers can also self serve by going to the Acumatica Customer Portal and downloading their invoices that include the proof of delivery name, signature, and comments as well. Excellent product!

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