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Acumatica 2017 Customer of the Year xByte Technologies Shares the Benefits of Using Acumatica Commerce Edition

Michelle Webber | February 19, 2018

Every year we choose a Customer of the Year and announce it our Summit. At this year’s Summit, we were excited to present xByte Technologies as Acumatica 2017 Customer of the Year! CEO Ryan Brown shares why they chose Acumatica and Acumatica Commerce Edition and the resulting benefits.

As you may know, we recently wrapped up Acumatica Summit 2018. It was an amazing way to start the New Year as we gathered with over 1,100 customers and partners, getting a sneak peek at Acumatica 2018 R1 along with the future forecast for the Acumatica community. For customer xByte Technologies, we hope the best part of the whole event was being announced as Acumatica 2017 Customer of the Year!

Acumatica 2017 Customer of the Year xByte Technologies Shares the Benefits of Using Acumatica Commerce Edition

xByte Technologies and Acumatica

In 2001, Tom Santilli began xByte Technologies in his own living room located in Gainesville, Florida.

“Nearly a decade ago, I started xByte Technologies to provide high quality IT equipment with first-class customer service. As a former IT Director, I found ‘service’ was the thing truly missing in the sales world. I wanted to treat customers how I expected to be treated,” Tom says on his website.

His intense belief in offering superior service has led to the company quadrupling its sales in the past five years. Refurbishing Dell servers and network switches by Cisco, Juniper, HPE, and Dell, the company’s growth required a modern ERP to handle their business management needs. They chose Acumatica and Acumatica Commerce Edition after researching options such as NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics.

“The key thing for us with Acumatica is that not only was it web-based, but it wasn’t purely cloud. We liked that we could control it ourselves, so we bought the on-premises model. Acumatica also makes it very easy to integrate with other software and has many more features,” CEO Ryan Brown says.

The company purchases large computer lots as completed units, breaking each one down to the core components, and adding serial numbers to each one; this allows them to offer custom refurbishing of Dell servers and network switches for each customer. With such a complex inventory process and their continuing growth, they needed Acumatica’s flexible integrations with third-party tools, automated accounting features, commitment to constant innovation, and provision of better visibility into operations.

Additionally, they chose Kensium Solutions and the Kensium Magento Connector (which is a standard part of Acumatica Commerce Edition) to integrate a Magento website to improve their eCommerce website. Most customers call in for advice leading to tens of thousands of dollars in sales, making the Acumatica integration with the Magento website vital for this process to succeed.

Some of the benefits xByte has experienced from choosing Acumatica and Acumatica Commerce Edition include:

  • Streamlining their sales operations
  • Automating invoicing and accounting processes as well as their warehouse operations, increasing productivity
  • Using financial dashboards to provide one-click access, improving visibility and customer service
  • Accessing data on the go

“I was at dinner with a customer recently who asked if we had any availability on a part,” Brown says. “With Acumatica, I was able to pull up our inventory on my phone, see exactly what we had, and let them know.”

xByte Technologies: Acumatica 2017 Customer of the Year

As with customer SHOEBACCA as last year’s choice (announced at Acumatica Summit 2017), the choice of xByte Technologies as Acumatica 2017 Customer of the Year was not a difficult one.

Their superb customer service coupled with the growth they’ve experienced using Acumatica Commerce Edition are the type of notable attributes we look for during our selection process. We also recognize they embarked on a complex implementation and exhibited a true team effort between themselves, their Acumatica partner (Crestwood Associates), and Kensium Solutions. Their unique and intricate inventory requirements also played a part in our decision.

xByte Technologies’ mission is to treat every customer with such amazing, personal, and responsive service that they can’t imagine using any other company for their IT equipment needs. At Acumatica, we share xByte’s belief in making their customers first and consider our customers and partners at the center – the very heart – of everything we do. Our platform and products are designed to fully answer their cloud ERP needs, and our goal is to provide support from the get go, through the implementation process, and beyond.

If you’re looking for a modern cloud ERP system with a full suite of business management applications, contact us today. Like xByte, our team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have and promise to be available whenever you need us.

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